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Come on, Mr. DJ, song pon de replay. Come on, Mr. DJ, won’t you turn the music up? Thus began the song that was the cover letter of what would be one of the queens of R&B music. 17 years are fulfilled since Rihanna premiered his first song, Press replay, and with which he made a hole in the industry, which would become bigger and bigger with the passage of time. The artist originally from Barbados has managed to position herself as one of the most influential celebrities with successful songs, millions of sales and her own line of cosmetics.

Press replay was the debut single of the artist and the song that promoted what was also her first album. However, her first steps in music began a couple of years earlier, in 2003, when a music producer noticed her on a visit to Barbados, her hometown. Rihanna was part of a trio that covered songs by Mariah Carey or Destiny’s Child. When she moved to the United States to record her own songs, rapper Jay-Z sponsored her and signed a contract with his record company to make six albums.

With his first song he managed to enter the top 10 in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, it was a platinum record in the British country and triple in the American country. Following this success, Rihanna launched her first album, Music of the Sunselling two million copies worldwide.

Rihanna’s career was beginning to take off in the best possible way and just eight months after Music of the Sun premiered his second disc, A Girl Like Me. With it, he also managed to enter the top 10 of the lists of the United States or the United Kingdom, among other countries.

Rihanna achieves worldwide recognition

Rihanna already had a place in the music industry, but she got true world recognition in 2007 with what was her third disc. Good Girl Gone Bad swept sales and has some of the performer’s best-known songs, such as umbrellawith Jay-Z, or Don’t Stop The Music. With these songs he managed to collect dozens of Platinum albums around the world, among which Spain stood out, achieving eight and six, respectively.

With Good Girl Gone Bad got, nothing more and nothing less, than eight Grammy Award nominations. She won one of them, the category for Best Rap Collaboration / Sung by umbrella. In addition to this award, she achieved another 36 more in different galas such as the Billboard Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and even a Top 40 Award.

Two years after the success of his Third albumthrew RatedR. Their fourth disc was named the best album of 2009 and it’s no wonder, since it had great songs like Rude Boy.

Rihanna had us used to a release per year, or every two, of an album. That is why, in 2010, loud went to market. The fifth job had songs as important as Only Girl (In The World)with which he achieved six Platinum records in the United States and one in Spain, or YEwhich went quintuple platinum in the American country.

After this release, Rihanna continued to tour the entire planet and reap some heart-stopping numbers. How could she be otherwise, she kept releasing more music and, in late 2011, she collaborated with Calvin Harris on We Found Love, which added dozens of platinum records to the locker of the Barbados singer. This topic was included in his sixth album, talk that talk.

The next year, unapologetic went on the market as seventh disc Of the singer. This work contained two of Rihanna’s most intimate songs that were very successful: Diamonds Y Stay. With them, he achieved seven and nine Platinum certificates, in addition to being number one in more than 20 countries with the first.

Anti: Rihanna’s latest album

After a four-year hiatus without releasing an album, although she did release music, Rihanna premiered Antiwhich was his eighth album and last till the date. With this work, the artist premiered songs with remarkable quality and maturity, with very sensual and powerful lyrics. One of her best known songs from her last years is included in Anti. The collaboration with Drake, workwas a success around the world and managed to be a Diamond record in France, as well as more than a dozen Platinum.

The mix of pop, with R&B and those Caribbean touches have made Rihanna one of the most important artists in today’s music and an influence for many people. 250 million records sold It is the chilling figure that the singer from Barbados handles behind her back and her followers all over the world want to listen to new music again, since it has been several years without releasing any song that would lead to a possible album.

Rihanna: a successful businesswoman

Rihanna’s influence goes beyond the artist and she knows it. For this reason, since 2017, she has been an entrepreneur and we can classify her as a successful one. That year, she launched a brand of beauty and makeup products called FENTY BEAUTY, together with LVMH. Its brand has been recognized worldwide and is characterized by having a wide range of skin tones in all its products.

In 2020, the singer also released Fenty Skin. In this case, it is a line of cosmetics dedicated to skincare, made up of four products and a makeup line.

Recent maternity

The return to Rihanna’s music is still in the air and it seems that it will be longer. At the moment, her role as her businesswoman is being a complete success and, in addition, she has recently become a mother. In January 2022, news broke that the singer was pregnant with A$AP Rockysomething that surprised and delighted everyone in equal parts. Mini R was born on May 13according to TMZ, although the baby’s name is not yet known.

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