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AD.NL – Peter Bosz gave an interview to the Dutch site to present the Conference League final between Rome and the Feyenoord. The former Ajax coach lost the Europa League final to Mourinho’s Manchester United in 2017 and is back on the subject today:

First he tells of an episode that occurred during the training of the Dutch: “They came to the right field ‘to have a look’. United did not train there, despite having been imposed by UEFA, Mourinho said it was impossible. There had been the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert, it had such an impact that they left afterwards. They could not train, but they were able to explore the stadium just as the opponent was finishing the preparation of the match. This man takes everything to his advantage, no matter how small, pathetic or shameless. We were told that Uefa would have fined him, but it never happened, because Mourinho said it was due to “force majeure”. And he got away with it like that“.

On the final: “I remain convinced that the result of the final one did not depend on our performance or theirs. Mourinho made sure that United always played Marouane Fellaini, it’s true, but we knew it. Let’s think back to the match objectively: Manchester didn’t create chances like that. The 1-0 came from our throw-in, with which we lost the ball. The 2-0 from a corner kick. In any case, if Roma beat Feyenoord, Mourinho will say that Slot is the typical Dutch manager. If Roma lose, he will say that the referee has penalized him or that Uefa is corrupt or who knows what. Mourinho is a narcissist, always busy creating conflicts or making theater. It is his way of doing“.



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