Juancho Hernangómez reveals the warnings they gave him when entering the NBA

‘El Hormiguero’ began the week with the visit of Juancho Hernangómez. The NBA player went to the Antena 3 program for the first time to talk about his debut in the world of cinema. The man from Madrid presented ‘Garra’, his first film, which will arrive on Netflix on June 8.

During the interview, the athlete talked about his role in the film, produced by Adam Sandler, but also about his life in the United States as a player for the NBA’s Utah Jazz. Juancho acknowledged that he never had the world of acting in mind, however, in 2020 he decided to attend a casting, and luck was on his side.

«My sister and my brother convinced me to do the casting because we were bored in the quarantine at home», he recalled «Little by little I passed tests and in the end they caught me». In this way, Adam Sandler opted for him to become the co-star of the film, in which Hernangómez he gets into the skin of a street player who fulfills his dream of reaching the NBA.

On what it has been like to work with Sandler, the athlete explained that: «He loves basketball, he writes to me after the games, he gives me advice. He is a basketball fanatic, he watches more basketball than the coaches». And he revealed that: «The only requirement that I put to make the film is that it had a field to train».

During the interview on ‘El Hormiguero’, they also talked about the sports career of the man from Madrid. As for whether he prefers the NBA or the Spanish National Team, Juancho had no doubts: “In the NBA everyone goes their own way, there are people you live with, you make some friends… but in the National Team it is not the same, the National Team is special, I love it, we go with a common goal, not to earn money ».

Pablo Motos also asked Hernangómez about the ‘Rookie Transition Program’, the program that all rookie players have to do when they first arrive in the NBA.

“It’s a three-day program in New York. It’s like going to school and they prepare you for the life of the NBA. They prepare you for gambling, to have a lot of money, not to go bankrupt and lose everything, for women… Basically, they warn you of all the things that can happen to you», Said the player of the Utah Jazz.

On the other hand, he revealed what had been the warning that had surprised him the most: «I think it was the people who were ruined. Because we earn a lot of money, we are very grateful and we are very lucky to dedicate ourselves to this. Although there were people who after three or four years of playing went bankrupt and went bankrupt“, revealed.

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