get a Nintendo Switch OLED for less than 6,000 pesos with Amazon Mexico and Walmart banking promotions

We have barely been a day of Hot Sale 2022, so there is still time to take advantage of the ddiscounts and promotions that different stores have in our country. For example, to brand new or renew a video game console.

The switch continues to sell like hot cakes and this is a perfect date to get one. That is why here we will list the price at which they remain when taking advantage of different bank promotions available.

Remember that each bank has different terms and conditions and we have already compiled the different promotions in different publications. Still we recommend read the bases of your institution well.

for these prices we will use as an example the promotion of HSBC which is the highest, offering a 30% discount on purchases over 5,000 pesos, which ends today, May 24. The price is what it would be after the bonus.

In the case of the Nintendo Switch Lite, by not reaching the minimum required, it would be necessary to add something more to the purchase to reach 5,000 pesos.

amazon mexico




Nintendo Switch on offer at Amazon Mexico with Hot Sale 2022

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