Chile’s lawyer before FIFA asked Castillo to tell the truth about his nationality

The complaint of the Chilean Football Federation against Ecuador for the alleged misalignment of Byron Castillo He has the player quite bad, because he broke down in tears in the middle of the Barcelona match in Guayaquil, where his squad fell 2-1 to Aucas.

One of those who reacted to this was Eduardo Carlezzo, Chile’s lawyer before FIFA, who sent a clear message to the footballer. “The best response, the best defense, will always be the truth. There can be no fear in speaking the truth, because the lie normally has a short life and can take a heavy toll in the future”expressed the jurist in conversation with La Tercera.

“Byron has to come out and speak the truth. Today he risks taking an expulsion from professional football, but there is still time to speak the truth and even escape a heavy sanction. I am sure that FIFA would receive the player’s cooperation in the best possible way”he added.

In addition, he added that “He must clearly take into account that if by chance the truth about his nationality does not appear now, that mark will continue to accompany him until the end of his sports career and will surely make it difficult for him to be hired by big football clubs, since those clubs They will also risk a penalty for using a player who has falsified documentation.”

Finally, Carlezzo maintained: “Byron has in his hands the key to his professional future.”

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