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In addition to Elon Musk and James Franco, names were published that no one saw coming.


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The long fight between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has brought out the worst in both actors, and that includes a long list of couples from both sides. And it is that according to both parties, during their stormy relationship and violent separation, there were many moments in which past relationships were remembered.

From Johnny’s side, names like Kate Moss Y Elle Baker have come up in the testimonies of Amber Heard, who we know is facing a judgment against her because the actor sued her for defamation and domestic violence, for which if found guilty, she would have to pay 50 million dollars.

On the other hand, Depp and his lawyers dedicated themselves to making a list of the actress’s relationships, before and after she married the famous actor, all to prove that the imbalance has haunted Heard in all her romantic relationships, even in which he maintained with other men, according to Depp, along with his marriage.

On Amber’s love list, there are two Mexicans. The first is the filmmaker Alexander Gomezwith whom according to the English newspaper TheDailyMail, Amber left in 2016 for a week, while she helped him move. And we name him first because he has been the only ex who has come out in defense of her, claiming that Amber would be incapable of committing violent acts.

The second is Valentino Lanus, with whom the actress dated in 2005, while she was very famous for her novels and she was starting her castings in Hollywood. The couple dated for about 10 months and it all ended because their careers were taking off.

In 2008, Amber was in a formal relationship with Tasya Van Ree, painter and photographer. It is said that the relationship was very intense and both tattooed each other’s name. The following year, in 2009, Amber was arrested and Tasya accused her of domestic violence because she hurt her arm. Months later, both denied that their breakup was violent and retracted the complaints they had against each other.

After meeting Johnny Depp and having the relationship we all know, in 2018 it was speculated that Heard had a relationship with the millionaire gallery owner Vito Schnabel. A paparazzi caught them together but the relationship did not prosper due to work commitments of both, so the times they were together were counted.

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