Who are the guests of ‘El Hormiguero’ this week? The list from May 23 to 26

‘The Anthill’ faces the penultimate week of May with guests well known to the audience. Juancho Hernangomezplayer of the Utah Jazz, will be the first face that will be interviewed by Pablo Motoswill also be in the following programs, chef Jose Andres, Miguel Angel Revilla or one of the most sophisticated groups in the world of ‘influencers’ with Dulceida, Maria Pombo and Laura Escanes that will close this week’s interview session.

Monday, May 23

The Spanish player who defends the colors of the Utah Jazz, Juancho Hernangomezwill visit Pablo Motos this Monday to talk about his end of the season and how is your experience in the best basketball league in the world. In addition, he will present his first project on the big screen, ‘Claw’a film directed and produced by Adam Sandler and which premieres on June 8 on Netflix. This drama is about a basketball scout in low hours that finds a promise of this sport in our country and that trains more players of those characteristics, and whose objective is to prove that they are fit to play in the United States.

Tuesday, May 24

The next guest to attend ‘El Hormiguero’ will be the Chef Jose Andreslast winner of the Princess of Asturias Award for Concord. Mainly, this cook will talk about his experience in Ukraine and the humanitarian facet that he is applying in that country devastated by the consequences of the war with Russia. Also, it will show how it works ‘World Central Kitchen’a non-profit organization created by the chef and that seeks to answer the food needs of those areas of the world with difficulties due to scarcity. ‘Feeding the world’ is the other project of José Andrés and that deals with a documentary that narrates the solidarity of the foundation created by him. It premieres on Disney+ on May 27.

Wednesday, May 25

Within the halfway point of the week, a very popular and regular face in ‘El Hormiguero’ will visit the program, such as Miguel Angel Revilla. The actual president of the autonomous community of Cantabria and Secretary General of the Regionalist Party of Cantabria will talk this Wednesday with Pablo Motos about the burning current issues of our country, such as the return of the king emeritus to Spain or the last movements and decisions of the Government of Pedro Sanchez.

Thursday, May 26

Finally, they will close the round of interviews, the most powerful trio of ‘influencers’ in Spain thanks to the large number of followers they have on social networks. This group is made up of Maria Pombo, Dulceida and Laura Escanes and they will take advantage of their visit to the set of ‘El Hormiguero’ to talk about his experience during all these years and the difficulties or problems who have suffered to reach the highest in this world.

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