The best men’s tank tops, the red carpet of the biceps

The best men’s tank tops, those light low-cut and sleeveless sweaters to wear on the skin, can be called in many ways: A-shirt, rowing machine, sleeveless T-shirt, tank top. We will simply call them tank tops. Thanks to menswear’s obsession with open-collared and bell-bottomed shirts, plus the fact that pretty much everyone has seen the TV series The Sopranos, the model in question has achieved enormous popularity. Tank tops have experienced a real renaissance, due to a flood of designers who have reinterpreted them in ever new and attractive ways.

The tank top deserves to be included in the wardrobe, if not for the numerous fashionable variations, certainly by virtue of its absolute usefulness. Do not forget the origins of underwear that make it an authentic shirt saver, the invisible hero of our clothing. You can go to the gym wearing a performance tank top with all the breathability and quick-drying properties that science can guarantee. Or, choose one fashionable solution and have one to complement your outfit. The most classic solution is that of put it on display under an unbuttoned shirt, perhaps with a nice chain around the neck. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with the fun and extravagant side of a tank top to wear as the star of your outfit.

In this great universe we are committed to finding only the best men’s tank tops. No matter if you are looking for a work undershirt, a workout buddy to show off your muscles or a sleeveless shirt, you can find the best of the best here.

The best basic tank top

Intimissimi Uomo, Ribbed Supima Cotton Tank Top

Why do we like the Intimissimi basic tank top? Because these are no-frills, ribbed Supima cotton tank tops, and therefore ultimately have incredible value. The design and material from which they are made make them presentable enough to be worn alone and sufficiently breathable and comfortable to survive the wettest days of August. They are available in four colors (white, gray, black and midnight blue) and are ideal as an undershirt, particularly if you see them under a wide-sleeved dress or polo shirt, in the style preferred by the characters in the film. Those good guys.

The best training tank top

Under Armor, UA HG Armor Comp SL Technical Tank

If you want to train with a tank top, you must have one that eliminates humidity, dries quickly and tends to block the odors caused by sweat & co. Under Armor’s tank top does all three things better than most other activewear shirts that can only do one. Made in lightweight HeatGear fabric, has inserts here and there on the net to further help transpiration. These models are also available in a range of bright colors, so you can let your taste and muscles unleash.

The best designer tank top

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, V-neck tank top

The iconic folds from Issey Miyake they are the joy of those who love fashion and they work well on both this extremely chic tank top, both on Miyake’s ubiquitous pants. She is understated and refined with a perfect drapery and a subtle texture that enhances any look.

The best fitted tank top

Calvin Klein, Slim tank top 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

Calvin Klein tank tops are made of cotton, but with a certain percentage of elastane, to ensure one slim fit but not too much, ideal to wear as a base layer or even alone. If your musculature can hold its own against Vin Diesel’s, these shirts are just the right proportions to showcase everything, really all of your hard work in the gym.

Here are other tank tops not to be missed

Puma, Basic Tank Top (2 pieces)

Basic? Yes, but because it may very well be of no use to us. Puma offers us this tank top 100% cotton tight enough, shaped enough, with straps wide enough.

Emporio Armani, microfiber tank top

The sports tank top according to Emporio Armani. With that wide shoulder and tight crewneck that make it extremely cool, even outside the gym.

Nike AeroSwift, Running singlet

Sure, this tank top is super breathable and aerodynamic. But most of all it’s damn sexy. Next time you really want to feel like yourself, put on this, thigh-baring shorts and go.

Russell Athletic, Dri-Power Muscle Performance Tank

Basically a t-shirt, but sleeveless: this is the right tank top for those who don’t feel comfortable with bare shoulders, but still want to show off their biceps and triceps.

Lululemon, In Sequence tank top

Designed specifically for your next yoga class, Lululemon’s tank top is made of super-soft cotton combined with Silverescent antibacterial technology. Result: fresh and without strange smells.

adidas, essentials big logo tank top

With that particularly wide armholes that objectively has its charm. And the adidas logo takes center stage.

Levi’s, tank top with rainbow details

A very very light gray, which borders on white and which contrasts with the writings and drawings on the back in shades of the rainbow. We are all magical beings, reads the writing on the back. And we are very much in agreement.

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired, Cream colored crochet cotton tank top

The charm of crochet meets the design of the tank top. The result is a proposal for those who want to dare with transparencies, with a bonus: maximum breathability.

424, ribbed cotton tank top

Narrow shoulder strap + black ribs + red logo in plain sight = tank top with great potential.

Givenchy, tank top in cotton with square neckline

Can the tank top, a white, essential tank top, become synonymous with fashion? The answer comes from Givenchy and this square neckline.

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