Semarnat opens to public consultation the project Section 5 South of the Mayan Train

Cancún, Q. Roo.- The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) opened to public consultation the project for Section 5 South of the mayan trainconsisting of a 67.6-kilometer railway that will run from Playa del Carmen to Tulum, with two stations and alternate works that will affect a total of 516,758 hectares and will cause severe to critical impacts on the karstic systems, due to landslides and subsidence, damage to the integrity of cenotes and loss of vegetation cover.

The federal agency notified of the opening of the public consultation process of the project -promoted by the company Fonatur Mayan Train– in number 23 of its Ecological Gazette.

This citizen participation exercise will be open from May 23 to June 17, so that anyone can submit their observations and technical objections, as well as prevention and mitigation measures regarding the works, whose investment is estimated at 31 million 501 thousand 606 pesos.

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Fonatur Tren Maya itself (formerly Fonatur Operadora Portuaria SA de CV) was the institution requesting the public consultation for the project, whose environmental impact assessment officially began on May 19.

In order to be able to consult the project, the Secretariat made available to the interested parties the corresponding Executive Summary and the Environmental Impact Statement in its Regional modality (MIA-R), with more than six thousand pages in its electronic format, with the key 23QR2022V0020.

It can also be consulted in person at the offices of the Semarnat delegation in Cancun or at the General Directorate of Environmental Impact and Risk (DGIRA), on the Mexico City.

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The MIA, prepared by the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) and the National Institute of Ecology (Inecol), was published since May 18 and has already been the object of harsh criticism, not only for its content – ​​considered by activists and biologists to be deficient – ​​but also because it arrived at the wrong time.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the president of the Mayab Ecologist Group (GEM), Araceli Domínguez, affirmed that the delivery of the extensive document seeks to comply with a procedure, when the Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure (PEIA) was already violated, when work began in February.

“They are presenting the MIA as a mere procedure to justify their illegalities, which is very serious, because the person who incurred in these violations of the law was the authority itself. It doesn’t make much sense for them to talk about mitigations, because what they’ve already done can no longer be mitigated. The damage is done, which does not mean that they cannot affect more, ”he expressed.

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The activist, who pointed out that she is in the study of the MINEindicated that the content of the Executive Summary of the project confirms the bulk of the arguments that speleologists, biologists, civil society organizations and other specialists have been exposing, despite the campaign of disqualifications by the president himself, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“In the MIA they are giving us the reason. They speak of severe impacts to underground flows, to the karstic system; they speak of possible subsidence and landslides, due to the type of soil; They speak of the fragmentation of the forest, of the fragmentation of the fauna’s habitat.

“The problem is that after acknowledging all this, they determine that all those impacts that they themselves declare are not significant. The reality is that the area does not allow a work of this type to be carried out, and even less on the world’s largest network of underground rivers, which, by the way, seems to be omitted, ”he stressed.

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Domínguez Rodriguez, whose defense of the right to a healthy environment by participating in committees for the protection of various ecosystems, in the preparation of various Ecological Regulations and Urban Development Programs or promoting countless legal resources against predatory works and projects, for more than 35 years old, clarified that his position is not against López Obrador, nor against his regime or against the Mayan Train.

“What we disapprove of and what we oppose is the violation of the environmental legal framework and the damage to high-value ecosystems, just for the whim of changing the route, without studies, without listening to scientists and experts,” he said. .

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