«Milan can now open a cycle. Rafael Leao has world-class shots. Like Ronaldo and Messi “

Scudetto at Milan. Behind Inter. First Stefano Pioli, second Simone Inzaghi. A long, tiring championship, full of twists. Not in the end, in the last ninety minutes where everything has gone as planned. And the well-deserved party for the Rossoneri’s 19th Scudetto has arrived.

Fulvio Collovati won the strongest team?

«The numbers speak for themselves. It is the team that has won the most games, the most matches away from San Siro. Milan are the team that has conceded the fewest goals. A team with a potential champion like Rafael Leao, with two formidable central players and a highly experienced forward who has always been there in decisive moments. Let’s clear the field of all misunderstandings … The best is the one who proves to be on the pitch and Milan has proved it … “

And Inter?

«He won the Super Cup and the Italian Cup. We cannot complain even if a bitter taste remains in the mouth of the fans. She was dominating the championship then she stopped you and only scored 7 points in 7 games. The night in Bologna remains in everyone’s eyes but I wonder what happened in those matches … “

Maignan on the one hand, Handanovic on the other with Radu’s error

«Maignan is the best goalkeeper in the league. I can’t find another with a regularity like his. He did better than anyone even than Handanovic … It was the icing on the rich cake of a club that did not submit to the blackmail of the players and their agents … “

This just concluded will also be remembered as the Radu championship …

“Too easy to blame the weakest. His mistake remains, but Inter could have won that match even before that. He was at 1-1, he had time to be able to play it at home but he didn’t win it … Taking it out on him is wrong for me. Inter lost the Scudetto in those seven games: out of 21 points available you scored seven … “

As stopper World Champion with Italy in 1982, what do you think of Kalulu and Tomori …

«Pierre is another discovery of the company, Tomori a confirmation. The surprises of this team were together with Maignan. They integrate perfectly, they are fast, strong in the head. They raised the Rossoneri wall … “

Who do you choose between Inter’s three central defenders?

«Skriniar the best. For performance, for continuity of performance for everything. There was a moment when the whole team got jammed … But Milan, together with Perisic, was the only one who never gave up “

Are Tonali and Brozovic the symbol of Milan and Inter midfield?

«Brozovic is the point of reference for Inter, the point guard. All of Inter pass through him. Tonali in his way is a surprise. He has shown that he is a different midfielder, not like everyone else. And the intuition to move it a few meters further was a winner “

Giroud and Dzeko, two old men with different performances …

“When someone turned up their noses from time to time talking about Giroud, it made me laugh. He has won everywhere. We are talking about a striker who scored with everyone, who scores goals that count. Criticizing him was wrong … “

And Dzeko?

«He had an initial phase where he was the protagonist, a point of reference, then he went down and also Inter did. In the second round he played less but luckily Lautaro Martinez thought about it. Edin Dzeko is the synthesis of Inter’s championship. One cannot think that he could replace Lukaku. We are talking about two different players … “

Speaking of old men: what will Ibra do?

«It always depends on the player’s will, on how he feels, on what he expects. He cannot expect to play many games but he is a player of charisma. I don’t look at the ID card. I look at the character, the desire. And he lacks nothing “

Is it Stefano Pioli’s championship?

“It is his first triumph, his masterpiece. The victory must be shared with everyone but he was able to shape the team. He was able to build a solid defense, he was able to give confidence to the whole group even to those who played less, who seemed to have disappeared. And then the move Kessie attacking midfielder, whom many have underestimated, then to move Tonali further forward. The coach affects when he makes decisive moves… ».

Is it the beginning of a winning cycle?

«If you take two or three right players, I say yes. You need a new Kessie, a defender like Botman and then you have to take another double-digit striker. Then the difference is always the hunger with which you enter the field ».

Have we forgotten anyone?

“I’d say Rafael Leao …”

Not just any one

«He has the shots of the champion. In recent years we have had Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus, we have always admired Messi … but when I talk about shots and I see his plays, I think he has nothing to envy to these two players “

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