Home medicine, a reality in health care

Surely many will remember when you still had to go on a pilgrimage in search of medicines. It was the visit of the seven houses, since one had to go to a pharmacy and discover that there was part of the medicine indicated by the doctor, while another one could complete the prescription. Coming and going was part of caring for our sick.

This definitely changed with the arrival of home delivery pharmacies and even those that have concentrated on online activity for drug delivery. These are not exclusively local businesses, as there are notable examples, such as Gofarma, a pharmacy at home in Monterrey, that can also attend orders in the rest of the country.

By specializing in this line of business, the customer ends up realizing that, from home, without leaving his patient, he can get the medicine he needs, at prices similar to those purchased over the counter and with guaranteed delivery.

Gofarma’s delivery in Monterrey is immediate, since its base of operations is located there, while for the rest of the country it uses the parcel services that many Mexican consumers (and increasingly) have become accustomed to using to receive their shopping.

And if you doubt the low prices and the promotions that are opened every day, they are not the only incentives to use this pharmacy scheme typical of our time, since the catalog of 15,000 products includes patent products Pfizer, Bayer, Abbott, Novartis, but there is also the option of generics.

The user of these services will discover, as happens in traditional pharmacies, that there are also lines of daily treatments for hair or skin (Eucerin, Isdin, Ducray or the highly demanded Vichy), as well as the world of babies with products Nan or the Enfamil in all its stages.

To the face, the aforementioned Gofarma has a portfolio of 50 thousand satisfied customers and more than one million products delivered in its accounts!

Indeed, the online pharmacy can no longer be considered a subsector of the guild, but rather the emerging method par excellence, since it is there 24 hours a day, both on the traditional internet and on mobile applications.

Monterrey, as a modern and cosmopolitan city, has this service free of charge, while orders over a thousand pesos for the rest of the country are also made without shipping charges.

Those who have made a habit of shopping with home delivery, as well as for those who start and must finish convincing themselves of its benefits, the pharmacy area can represent a good surprise due to the versatility with which the scheme has been put together. of business. It is worth taking a look at what pharmacies offer with home delivery to be convinced of what has been said so far.

And let’s not forget, taking care of your health couldn’t be more important.

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