Have you finished 42 Days in the Dark yet? 5 similar series that you must see

Officially 42 days in the dark it became a complete success. The Chilean series is already a phenomenon after its premiere, reaching the Top 10 of the most viewed Netflix productions globally. Thus, with only six chapters, it manages to be one of the most watched in recent weeks.

However, because it is quite short, many were left wanting more or productions of the same style to fill the void. In Rock & Pop we leave you with five series similar to 42 days in the dark that will be your new obsession.

5 series similar to 42 Days in the Dark

The Staircase

Like 42 Days in the Dark, The Staircase It is based on a mysterious and tragic real case. In addition, both explore the failures of the judicial and police system and how a family can be destroyed after an unexplained death.

The Staircase tells the true story of Michael Peterson, a novelist who is accused of murdering his wife after she is found dead at the foot of the stairs. As the case progresses, new details are discovered that make his family begins to doubt.

Where to see it: hbo max

The Undoing

If drama and mystery is your favorite part of 42 Days in the Dark, this is the series for you. Led by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, The Undoing, presents a web of deceit that little by little is unraveling and surprising the characters and fans alike.

In The Undoing tells the story of a marriage that begins to fall apart after the husband is accused of abusing and murdering a woman. Although he begins by believing him, his wife discovers all his secrets and questions what is the truth.

Where to see it?: hbo max

The Night Of

Another series similar to 42 days in the dark what you can enjoy is The Night Of. It focuses more on the failures of the police and judicial system and how such mysterious cases develop and seem to have no explanation.

The Night Of focuses on a man whose life changes completely after waking up next to the corpse of a woman he just met. Now he must prove his innocence, although everything indicates that he is to blame for his death.

Where to see it: hbo max

Under the Banner of Heaven

One of the most talked about series this year has Andrew Garfield making his return to television. Is about Under the Banner of Heaven, that focuses on issues of faith and how crimes can make everything questionable what one believes.

Under the Banner of Heaven tells the story of an investigator whose faith is called into question when his church is accused of being responsible for the murder of a mother and her baby. Now he must put his beliefs aside to solve the case.

Where to see it: Soon on Star+


We close the list with another production that gave the expose the failures of the judicial system. Is about unbelievable, that a few years ago became a phenomenon. If you didn’t see it at the time, this is your chance.

Unbelievable tells the story of a young woman who is accused of lying about being raped. After this, detectives come together to try to discover the truth of the casewhile the teenager must face the media and society.

Where to see it: Netflix

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