Victoria Beckham, skincare secrets revealed by the facialist

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What are the most common skincare mistakes?

“Many tend to exaggerate with theexfoliationabusing the scrub in granules and resorting too often to the microdermabrasion. The result is that thea skin becomes thin, fragile And reactive. Many of the clients who come to me for the first time in fact mistakenly believe that they have the sensitive skin when, in fact, they simply have damaged the skin barrier with i frequent scrubs. Excessive stimulation and repeated use of products such as AHAs end up challenging the hydrolipidic mantle causing redness and irritation. In this case, protect yourself from sunrays it is essential and I always suggest to use a cream with Spf even when it rains. Not only in case of specific problems, the Sun protection should be part of the beauty routine daily as much as one correct cleansing, able to remove all traces of makeup and pollution. There eveninginstead, we must focus on nourishing and repairing products “.

You take care of the skin of many celebrities, which treatments do you require most often?

“Every customer has specific needs and I tend to create tailor-made ritualscustomized according to any problems and lifestyle. Initially I try to understand what theirs is routineif they have any plans events or they should start shooting a movie, for instance. In that case the skin will have to turn out luminous, hydrated and free of imperfections. A result that is obtained thanks to the combination of a light peeling, hi-tech tools, massages and the right products. Before a red carpet important, for example, it is essential to make a massage able to lift the contours of the face, delete the toxins And deflate the face where it is needed “.

What are the Skinesis products most loved by your customers?

Overnight Facialan oil-serum with a high dosage of vitamin A and peptides that is applied in the evening to wake up with the skin soft and hydratedis definitely the most treat famous and it is also one of mine must-have personal. It is also the perfect example of how i cosmeceuticals can match effective formulas to sensory and luxurious textures. Facialiftinstead it is a device that I developed in my clinic can also be used at home: thanks to its 48 massage globes and 8 rotating heads it allows you to redefine the contours of the face, stimulating blood circulation and giving, in the end, a wonderful glow effect“.

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