‘Team’ Johnny Depp or ‘team’ Amber Heard: Who do celebrities support?

The trial that takes place in Virginia, United States and that faces actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been in the news in recent weeks. The interpreter of Pirates of the Caribbean sued his ex-wife for defamation for having singled him out as an aggressor in a note she published in the newspaper The Washington Post.

Depp asks for $50 million in damages, but Heard countersued his ex for the sum of $100 million. The trial, which began in April, has given much to talk about during the weeks of its development since the testimonies of the plaintiffs, as well as the witnesses, have focused a lot on removing all the dirty laundry from the Depp-Heard relationship. , including physical, verbal and even sexual aggression.

The media confrontation has raised the interest of locals and strangers, not only fans and people close to the ex-partner have manifested themselves, but there are many celebrities who have shown their support or Heard or Depp. Let’s find out which stars are on one side or the other and why.

Team Johnny

Winona Ryder: Winona and Johnny had an intense romance, so much so that he had her name tattooed on his skin. On the case, Ryder expressed his support for his ex with a message in which he described Depp as a good man.

“I understand that it is very important that I speak of my experience, although I was not there in his marriage with Amber. My experience was totally different. I was very shocked, confused and upset when I heard the accusations against him. The idea that he is a violent person is the furthest thing from the Johnny I knew. I cannot understand these accusations. He was never violent or abusive towards anyone. I honestly only know him as a kind, loving, generous man and a very protective boy of me and the people he loves. I felt very safe with him.”

Vanessa Paradise: Depp’s ex-wife and mother of his children has also supported Johnny, of whom he only expresses positive opinions.

“We were partners with Johnny Depp for 14 years and raised two beautiful children together. He is a generous, attentive, kind and non-violent man. I know the accusations that Amber Heard made publicly. This is nothing like the Johnny I know. He was never violent or abusive towards me.”

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem: The Spanish married couple and actors have declared their admiration for their colleague. Cruz had said that she was always surprised by Johnny’s kindness and brilliant mind, while her husband said that her colleague was a kind and caring man.

“I love Johnny because he is a good human being, trapped in the lies and manipulations of toxic people,” said the Spanish actor.

Siah: The Australian singer was direct: “I want to show my public support for Johnny Depp. I listened to those audios and he is really the victim of everything, ”she had said before the trial.

Paul Bettany: Vision’s interpreter in the saga avengers He stated that he has known Depp well for many years and described him as the sweetest, kindest and most gentlemanly man he had ever met.

Chris Rock: One of the latest celebrities to join Team Johnny is comedian Chris Rock, who recently stated during one of his shows that you have to believe all women except Amber Heard.

Eve Green: the actress of 300 He wrote on his social networks a strong message of support for Depp: “I have no doubt that Johnny will emerge with his good name and his wonderful heart revealed to the world, and life will be better than ever for him and his family.”

Team Amber

Kathy Griffin: When Heard reported that she was retiring from social media to attend the trial, one of the first stars to speak out was comedian Kathy Griffin, who wrote: “Oh beautiful. I am thinking of you and sending you lots of love,” thus clearly showing her position of support for Heard.

Howard Stern: Although the announcer has not made public his support for one or the other, he clearly expressed himself on his program SiriusXM in late April against Depp by stating: “He thought, ‘I’m going to put this on TV because I’m so persuasive and I’m so smart and I’m such a wonderful guy… I’m going to charm the whole of America during the trial.’ No, you will not. This won’t work out. It’s not going well for you, it’s not going well for her. It’s not going well for anyone. They sound like two kids fighting. It just all looks so bad.”

Ellen Barkin: Depp’s ex-girlfriend in the 90s was called as a witness to the court where Amber and Johnny face each other, she recalled her relationship with the actor and described him as a jealous and controlling man.

Julie Fox: The actress used her Instagram account to express herself in favor of Heard. The interpreter wrote: “She hit him? Yes. Was he abuse? No. You need to have power to be able to abuse it. She was 25 years old. Clearly, he was always much more powerful, both physically and financially.”

David Krumholz: “I believe Amber Heard”, was the determining phrase used by the actor who was a partner of the interpreter in The Playboy Club. “Drugs and alcohol turn men into monsters,” she added in her Instagram message.

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