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The case and sentence of Nicolás López reached the main film and entertainment media in the United States.

Last Monday, the court sentenced Nicholas Lopez to five years in prison for two crimes of sexual abuse. The case of the Chilean director ‘crossed borders’ and reached prestigious media outlets in the United States.

One of them was the site of Shows Variety, which titled: “Chilean Filmmaker Nicolás López Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Sexual Abuse – Chilean director Nicolás López sentenced to five years in prison for sexual abuse.”

“In one of the first high-profile sexual assault cases in Latin America after #MeToo. Chilean director Nicolás López, renowned for his rather ‘risque’ comedic hits, What No filter, I’m not crazy Y What a sad trilogy He has been sentenced to five years and one day in prison for two cases of sexual abuse,” they wrote.

For its part, Deadline titled in a similar way, giving relevance to the fact that López collaborated with Eli Roth, in addition to working for Keanu Reeves and Ana de Armas.

Nicholas Lopez, Chilean director who collaborated with Eli Roth in writing and directing the film Aftershock 2012 and Roth’s film knock knock from 2015, starring Keanu Reeves and Ana de Armas, He was sentenced to five years in prison in Chile after being found guilty of sexual assault against two actresses.

ABC News also reported that: “Chilean director Nicolás López, one of the most prominent filmmakers in the country, He was sentenced this Monday to five years in prison for sexual abuse against two actresses.

“The sentence coincided with what was requested by the Chilean prosecutor’s office after a court found him guilty at the end of April. In that verdict, the judges acquitted López of the rape charges, because they determined that there was insufficient evidence,” they added.

Finally, the Miami Herald media highlighted part of the trial that took place in this case. Among the details were the WhatsApp messages that López deleted.

“During the trial, prosecutors said it took several months for López to turn over his mobile phone to investigators and he did so only after deleting 2,700 messages from the WhatsApp messaging platform. The forces of order were able to recover the messages in which the filmmaker referred to the instances in which he was accused”, they concluded.

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