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From being an insecure girl with stuttering problems, a situation that she overcame when one of her teachers asked her to participate in different theatrical productions that allowed her to get into various characters, Emily Blunt has become one of the most recognized British performers in the industry both in his country and in Hollywood. At 38 years old, this actress who made her theater debut with Judi Dench in The Royal Family and who worked with Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Fashion tells her experiences in twenty years of career.

Yes, literally, it’s already 20 years! What can I say? I have learned a lot along this path, I have worked with people who have had a great impact on my life, who have marked me and changed me in different ways. I think that’s the beauty of this work in which you get that injection of freshness from many people, from new experiences and this undoubtedly shapes you. I don’t know if that happens to all actors, at this moment I speak for myself, and everything I am is thanks to all that, I am who I am because of all those experiences I’ve had on set and I really didn’t get into this industry With that burning ambition, I just wanted to be an actress and I feel very lucky because I am completely in love with what I do,” Emily Blunt told Excelsior.

Blunt, whom we recently saw in the saga of A Quiet Place, a film directed by her husband, also an actor John Krasinski, now adds Jungle Cruise, a family-friendly film in which she shares credits with Dwayne, to her two-decade resume. Johnson, considered one of the most beloved and highest-grossing actors in Hollywood, who also celebrates 25 years of career in front of the cameras.

First of all, I have to say that Emily (Blunt) is by far the most passionate colleague I’ve ever worked with, seriously. And really, when you look at his entire career, the diversity of films he has and his different acting ranges, you are impressed, ”said La Roca to be interrupted by Emily Blunt to ask him to talk about him and his 25-year career.

Oh yeah! I’ve done a few things over the years and if I had to put it in one word I’d say I’m very lucky. I like to surround myself with people who I know will help me be better and who challenge me. I am in a position in which I obviously do not want to take things for granted, but I am fortunate and I can only be grateful for being able to work with valuable people, ”reflected the actor who made a name for himself in wrestling and who in 2020 He was the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

In Jungle Cruise, a film that refers to one of the Disney theme park attractions, Emily Blunt plays Lily Houghton, a British scientist who, together with her brother, embarks on an adventure in the Amazon jungle in search of from a tree that contains a substance that will help cure some diseases of humanity.

In order to carry out his work, he will have to team up with Captain Frank Wolff, played by Dwyane Johnson, a man who has many secrets.

The chemistry that both actors reflect in the film that is directed by the Barcelonan Jaume Collet Serra (who has just directed Dwayne in Black Adam, a DC Comics character) is so evident that they will go down in history as one of the most important film couples of recent years.

It really was an agonizing process, it still is, ”Blunt commented with a laugh, spreading laughter to his partner, who also joked with her on the same line and then spoke seriously.

When we met it was at a dinner with our producers and the chemistry was given at the moment, we started to get really annoyed and we laughed at what we said to each other. You see exactly that in the film, we were able to take that to the screen and we can also have it here,” said La Roca, who was sitting next to Blunt in a very jungle setting from which they chatted through Zoom.

Jungle Cruise, which sets its plot in 1930, complements its cast with the Venezuelan Edgar Ramírez, the Mexican Verónica Falcón, the British Jack Whitehall and the Americans Paul Giamatti and Jesse Plemons.


  • Jungle Cruise
  • Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra
  • Premiere: July 29 in theaters and July 30 on Disney + for an extra price that is paid for the service
  • The film was shot in Hawaii and Atlanta.


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