The surprise announcement of Kim Kardashian with Rosalía that shook everyone

The television star Kim Kardashian joined the singer Rosalía to give a surprise announcement. A news that generated a great impact on the part of his fans, where we can appreciate both celebrities more together than ever. Find out all the details below.

kim kardashian It continues to cause fury on the networks. However, this time, the singer Rosalia He comes to accompany her and make history. A duo that get along very well, and apparently with whom they share a great passion for breaking barriers and setting trends on the big screen.

Both share a life of great luxury and are making a huge fortune. Their careers are booming, and therefore, they do not waste time on vague things. Celebrities have cars worth admiring. It is for this reason that they do not hesitate to show off their machines over and over again.

This time it was Rosalía, who stole all eyes aboard her luxurious and expensive SUV. A new personalized car, which was added to his collection of high-end vehicles and with which he posed for some incredible snapshots. A car that is the envy of many celebrities, and together with this exclusive design, more than one of us makes us want to go for a ride.

Rosalía at the wheel of her customized Ford.

It’s about your ford ranger raptor. A truck in a black color on the outside, but with an extremely fine upholstery in pink on the inside. In addition, this pastel color shines on all the seats, the steering wheel and other parts of the interior. Not to mention that these bear his signature. A fortune that is spent on expensive whimsbut it’s also something she shares with Kim, who wastes no time indulging in all these luxuries.

This model has a V6 engine and reaches a maximum speed of 170 km/h.. A car that cost nothing more and nothing less than around 70 thousand dollars, in its cheapest versions. Without a doubt, a figure that did not represent any problem for the singer, who gives herself the pleasure of having other machines in her spacious garage.

On the other hand, Kim is one of the celebrities of the moment and does not miss an opportunity to expose her achievements on the networks. This is how both celebrities announced this surprising news: a new collection of underwear under her signature, in which Rosalía will be the image. A novelty that caused a stir on the part of his fans, who did not hesitate to applaud the union of both celebrities.

Rosaía posing next to her Ford Range Raptor.

Rosalía at the wheel of her SUV.

Interior of Rosalía’s custom SUV.

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