“My boyfriend is Vin Diesel”: he showed the similarity of his partner with the actor and nobody can believe it

Just as Instagram is dedicated to sharing the idyllic images of life, TikTok has become the social network of curiosities and phenomena. This is how an unknown double of Vin Diesel came to become viral without intending it.

It was his girlfriend, the user known as @kathyisnaughtmyname, the one that showed through a series of videos the incredible resemblance that her partner has with the Hollywood actor. The idea was to show people’s reaction to seeing their partner live.

The actor has an unknown double on TikTok
The actor has an unknown double on TikTokInstagram: @vindiesel

In the clips, the young woman wrote: “Seeing how many people think my boyfriend is Vin Diesel.” There she sees the huge number of people who come to ask for photos and autographs from the unknown clone of the actor. The video quickly went viral and has so far garnered around 290,000 views along with thousands of comments.

The subject does not seem bothered that people confuse him with the actor of Fast and furiousbut on the contraty. In the videos he always appears smiling and ready to talk with his supposed fans.. The confusion continues but the couple laughs and enjoys the popularity.

The videos were taken in the Caribbean where Vin Diesel’s stunt double and his girlfriend went on vacation. Regarding the comments, a follower said: “You can’t tell me that this is not Vin Diesel”; while another imagined the tourists going home and wrote: “I’m sure all those people came back from vacation saying they had met Vin Diesel.”

One of the first users to see the video commented: “This has to go viral right now”to which the rest of the followers answered yes unanimously.

Justin Lin, the director of five of the nine installments of the saga, resigned from the tenth due to problems with Vin Diesel
Justin Lin, the director of five of the nine installments of the saga, resigned from the tenth due to problems with Vin DieselTODD ​​WILLIAMSON

While the double has fun, the real one suffers. A few weeks ago, the director of five of the nine installments of the saga, Justin Lin, resigned from his position and will not direct the tenth film, called Fast X. With the premiere set for May 2023, the producers, including Vin Diesel, immediately set out to find a new director to continue the filming that had already begun.

Lin was officially replaced by Louis Leterrier, a director who knows about action movies and has directed movies like The incredible Hulk or the first two deliveries of transporter. Fans of the saga were surprised to hear the news of Lin’s departure since he had the great virtue of earning the respect of critics with the franchise that, in its fifth edition, received applause and good ratings.

Apparently, Justin Lin would have had creative differences with Vin Diesel, both producers of the tenth installment. According to The Hollywood Reporterdespite the fact that filming had already started, he presented a series of annotations to the script and the disagreement escalated to the point that the director slammed the door and declared: “This film does not deserve to end my mental health.”

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