Minute by minute, Checo Pérez’s classification for the Spanish GP

We continue round by round the qualifying session in Montemeló, where Checo Pérez looks for the best starting place he can get

First goal pass: Max Verstappen first. Charles Leclerc MISTAKE who lost the Ferrari at the end of the lap and spun at the chicane. Sainz P2 and Czech Perez P3. The Mercedes, P4, P5.

Q3 STARTED: the round that decides the pole position for the Spanish Grand Prix. Will Carlos Sainz Jr. be able to please the Spanish public? Will it be for Ferrari, which hasn’t been on pole here since 2008?

The fastest was Max Verstappen. Czech Perez was P6. Both Haas advance to Q3.



12. Ocon



15. Zhu

The second chance is coming. Now yes all the favorites to pass the Q2 cut with new tires.

First pass through the finish line and, surprise: The Mercedes lead Q2. Followed by Czech Pérez. It is only the first pass through the finish line and apparently Verstappen, Leclerc and Sainz did their laps with used tires.

Q2 started: 15 minutes and the 5 slowest are eliminated. It will be a very close round. Checo Pérez must make sure not to be caught off guard in this shootout. The Mexican driver has not been completely comfortable, always about 3 tenths behind Max Verstappen and must prevent cars like a Haas or Alfa Romeo or Norris’s McLaren from getting in the way.

Fernando Alonso out of the classification. We hardly noticed that Alpine did not have an easy time getting to Q1, but it is surprising that they could not even advance in the first cut. Esteban Ocon barely passed, he was 15th. First time Alonso has been out of Q1 in 2022.

Eliminated from Q1:


17. Alonzo

18. Stroll

19. Albon

20. Latifi

Fernando Alonso, one of the darlings of the Spanish public, obviously, will have a very difficult time aiming for Q3. Alfa Romeo with Valtteri Bottas looks strong; the two McLarens are tough rivals and Haas could surprise with one of their drivers. Finally, some AlphaTauri or Aston Martin could surprise the Alpine drivers. Hard fight in the middle platoon.

Q1 begins: The 5 slowest cars will be eliminated and will pass cut 15. Full stands in Montmeló. Looking forward to seeing what they can do Fernando Alonso with the Alpine Y Carlos Sainz Jr. with ferrari. A curiosity: the last time that Ferrari won a race in Spain, it did so with Fernando Alonso at the wheel in 2013. Ferrari’s last pole in Spain, it was made by Kimi Raikkonen in 2008; now they are favourites.

Mercedes seems to have found the solution to its ‘porpoising’ problems and has been placed in the mix between ferrari Y Red Bull. Czech Perez now he would have two other direct rivals. F1 2022 increasingly interesting.

Czech Perez he missed FP1 by leaving his RB18 in the hands of Juri Vips, team development driver. In both the second and third practices he fell behind the Mercedes, but another thing will be when the competition will be serious. We’ll see if the Silver Arrows have really caught up to the ferrari Y RedBull.

Beyond that, Czech Perez have to look for a good starting position because the circuit of Barcelona is not the most conducive to overtaking, it is very complicated –last year half the competition spent trying to pass Daniel Ricciardo-. It is true that these F1 2022 are more suitable for the fight on the track, but the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya It hasn’t changed and it’s still a track that makes overtaking difficult. But who knows, maybe this year it will be different and we will see several at chicane 1 or turn 10, the ones that follow the straights with DRS.

The classification of F1 It is divided into three rounds:

  • Q1: 18 minutes / the five slowest cars are eliminated

  • Q2: 15 minutes/ slowest five cars eliminated

  • Q3: 12 minutes / 10 cars for pole

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