Lisa and Billie Eilish, the duet of the century on Disney Plus

Billie Eilishthe global pop star who just won an Oscar for the original song from the latest James Bond movie, No Time to Dieand the guest star in the last short themed The Simpsons on Disney Plus. In Lisa, this is Billie to duet with the famous American singer is precisely Lisa who, by pure chance and thanks to her skill in the saxophone, will be noticed and invited to a jam session in the studio. This is the fourth short of the longest-running TV family ever on the Disney streaming platform.

Lisa and Billie Eilish
Lisa and Billie

Loki, Mickey and Darth Vader

In fact, the meeting between Billie Eilish and Lisa Simpson on Disney Plus is nothing new being already the fourth unreleased short proposed by the streaming platform. In the first place it was Maggie to break the delay by citing the famous series of Star Wars in The awakening of strength after a nap. Subsequently the tv series dedicated to the god of deceptions was celebrated with The Good, The Bart and The Lokiand finally, on 12 November, the short Plusversary celebrated a year of Disney Plus. Special guests of the particular party were many famous and very recognizable characters such as, among others, Wreck-It RalphElsa, Doctor Strange and above all Foo.

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  Simpsons Disney +
The family on Disney Plus

Lisa, it’s your birthday

In the past, many international singers appeared in the TV series dedicated to The Simpsons. From Michael Jackson (or who for him) in an episode later defined controversial, a Lady Gaga, which brought all its extravagance and lightness in the twenty-second episode of the twenty-third season (there is to lose your head). Other singers who have appeared in the almost thirty-five years of broadcasting: Tom JonesAerosmith, Coldplay, Paul and Linda McCartney, U2, Britney Spears, Ringo Starr, Marge’s great platonic love, and Katy Perry but in flesh and blood. Up to the fateful meeting between Lisa and Billie Eilish.

Moe and Katy Perry
Moe and Katy Perry

But then: how is it?

Mainly: very short. It’s only about four minutes, but certainly Simpson’s style. The fateful musical encounter between Lisa and Billie Eilish turns into a jam sassion on the notes of the theme song of the famous cartoon that leads to the inhabitants of Springfield to new life, and to a joyful serenity. We laugh right, perhaps even more in the credits where it is nice to look for all the easter egg, and there could even be the “the” for a future collaboration between the famous pop star and the most talented of the Simpsons children (certainly not with the gun, that record belongs to Maggie). In short: if you have four minutes today, the advice is to spend them in the company of more yellow family in America. And if you are abstinent, we remind you that they have recently included the 32nd season in the catalog. Mythical!

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