In the US there is more interest in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard than in the war in Ukraine and abortion | TV and Show

A study by the Axios news agency revealed that people in the United States (USA) consume more news about the Depp-Heard case than the war in Ukraine, abortion, the government and the pandemic.

The statistics collected by the American media show that the interactions in the US news are greater if it is about the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The former couple has been involved in a media case for weeks that should conclude at the end of May.

The data was compiled by Axios, a news agency that conducted an investigation by NewsWhipa company that tracks consumption on social networks.

This company, originally from the USA, specializes in tracking content by amount and location of user engagement. In addition, it also tracks the interests of the audience and the changes that are registered according to the topics.

“News articles on the trial, which began on April 12, generated more total social media interactions (likes, comments, shares) than coverage on abortion and the Supreme Court or inflation,” says the report. release. The agency points out that “court dramas” are even more mediatic if they involve celebrities.

Are Johnny Depp and Amber Heard a priority?

Axios points out that this news is overshadowing other topics that should be more relevant, such as the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine or the regulations on abortion that are being debated in the Supreme Court of the country. “The entertainment media is treating the event like their Super Bowl.“, they assert.

“A simple Google search for ‘What time does Amber and Johnny’s trial start?’ brings up dozens of premium media results on how and when to watch the trial,” they explain.

This would be a “traffic engagement trick that the media often uses for major events, like the Super Bowl,” they add.

According to the chart published by Axios, the Depp-Heard case is followed by Elon Muskdue to the recent controversies that arose with the purchase of Twitter.

In third place is Joe Biden (current US president), then abortion, the war in Ukraine, inflation and Covid 19.

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