Get this backwards compatible game for free on Xbox with Gold

Thanks to the backward compatibility that Microsoft added between classic Xbox and Xbox 360 games on Xbox One and the new Xbox Series X|S, today we can enjoy more than 3,000 games, many of them improved in different ways. As many of you know, on several occasions, Microsoft usually replaces the games with gold in other countries, for other titles that can be purchased by any user who has an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as has been the recent case of Splosion Man.

Although, all those players who are short of games, want to go back to the past or continue filling their library with new and diverse titles, from SomosXbox we announce that through the Brazil Microsoft Store we can get a free backwards compatible game for Xbox with Gold. So without further delay, take the opportunity to free download Splosion Man, an Xbox 360 game, available to play on One and Series X|S. We remind you that in order to get this game, you will have to have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold.

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Get this backward compatible game for free on Xbox with Gold: Splosion Man

free backwards compatible game for xbox

Unlock Splosion Man, one of the most amazing games of all time. The full version includes a special unlockable UI theme, free gamer pictures and avatar accessories! You have already exploited the other games, now exploit the best. Splosion Man has a single player campaign with 50 levels and a cooperative multiplayer campaign with another 50 levels.

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