Checo Pérez finished sixth in the last practice in Spain

Checo Pérez and Red Bull look set to have more competition in Spain, with Mercedes consistently in the mix between them and Ferrari.

The Mexican Czech Perez He finished in sixth position in Practice 3 for the Spanish Grand Prix with a time of 1:20.260, while the team ferrari was once again the strongest with the Monegasque charles leclercwho finished in the first position.

The team of Milton Keynes he was almost among the last to hit the track at a circuit that has once again become a venue for testing upgrades and improvements for various organisations.

Czech Perez He made a time of 1:21.518 on his first timed lap, placing himself in seventh position and barely warming up the tires on a track that showed its strength with high temperatures.

the heat of Barcelona He had no mercy with the fireballs and the first to suffer the ravages of the weather was Mike Schumacher seeing how the back of her Hass it started to catch fire.

The man from Guadalajara improved his times and rose to third place momentarily with a 1:20.541 and behind the leaders charles leclerc Y Carlos Sainzwho took advantage of how well it is going ferrari and the first achieved the best time with a 1:19.772.

Checo fell to fifth position with 16 minutes remaining in the session after being overtaken by a surprising team Mercedesrepeating the good the promising result of Friday, although they are still training sessions.

The Mexican did not have a long session, because before his last start he only had 11 laps with red compound and looking for the ideal configuration for the qualifying session that will be later on Saturday.

The last part of the session turned again into a duel between ferrari Y Red Bull and in which the difference between the two teams was just .488 tenths.

The one from Guadalajara finished in sixth position and both Checo and Carlos Sainz were overtaken by Lewis Hamilton Y George Russell. It will be you deserve found the mods that will help your pilots go against the ferrari Y Red Bull?

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