Argentine police officer, Liam Neeson and more: the movie premieres – Come and see

A series of varied premieres nourish the country’s cinema billboards this Thursday, with an Argentine police officer at the helm and films that have action with Nicolas Cage and Liam Neeson.

The Municipal Film Club is betting heavily with three long-awaited premieres, including a production from Cordoba.

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Franklin, Story of a ticket

It is a police thriller (+16) that follows the story of Correa (Germán Palacios), a former boxer, and Rosa (Sofía Gala), a prostitute, where the two will try to escape from the criminal organization to which they belong, led by Bernal (Daniel Aráoz), a violent mobster and former representative of Correa from his time as a boxer

Unscrupulous boxing promoters, corrupt cops, drug dealers and incompetent thieves will fight for money and survival while searching for a winning lottery ticket.

The film has a special participation of the singer L-Ghent.

Directed by Lucas Vivo García Lagos, the cast is completed by Joaquín Ferreira, Isabel Macedo and Cristian Salguero.

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the weight of talent

Nicolas Cage stars as Nicolas Cage in this flashy action-comedy. Creatively dissatisfied and in debt for money, Nicolas Cage is forced to accept 1 million dollars, in exchange for attending the birthday party of a fan who claims to be the biggest fan of all fans: Javi (Pedro Pascal).

Things take an unexpected turn when Cage is recruited by the CIA to help catch Javi, who is not what he seems. The situation forces the actor to reincarnate in his most iconic and beloved characters, in order to save himself and his family from this complicated mess. His career prepared him to live this moment; the award-winning actor must now play the part of his life: Nick Cage.

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murderer without memory

Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson) is an expert assassin with a reputation for understated precision. When Alex refuses to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization, he becomes a target and must go on the hunt for those who want him dead. Alex has the skills necessary to keep going, except for one thing: he is struggling with a severe memory loss, which affects all of his movements and makes his objective increasingly difficult to complete. As details blur and enemies close in, Alex is forced to question his every action and who he can trust.

Directed by Martin Campbell (+16), it stars Neeson, Guy Pearce, Monica Bellucci and Harold Torres.

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Hugo del Carril Municipal Film Club

seven rhythms

(Seven rhythms, Argentina, 2022, DCP, 78′, ATP)

Direction: Julia Rotondi. With Cecilia Rotondi, Bibiana Brozina.

Cordoban film starring the seven women of the director’s family, follows the journey of Ceci, a young filmmaker who visits her family to film and listen to their secrets and visions about desire and love. Experiences crossed by desires of women of different generations. Along the way, archival photos and videos, letters and poems appear. Also clues about a childhood memory, the whistling bridge, a place in the sea where whales magically approach.

“Seven rhythms is my first feature film. I decided to make a film about a family of women, my family, to reflect on love and latent desires, on the mysterious bond between mothers and daughters and the repercussions of the absence of men in the group. I delve into the importance of company and solidarity, the different ways of facing changes and the signs that lead us to take other directions. The story leaves traces of different affective experiences, and of learning in the constant search for one’s own identity,” said director Julia Rotondi.

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the glare

(The glare, Argentina, 2021, DCP, 65′, AM13)

Direction: Martin Farina. With Vilmar Paiva, Franco Heiler.

These are the days before the carnival and while the gauchos prepare to carry out the ritual of purifying the meat, the animals sense the arrival of the end. A river separates them from the big city and, satisfied with having completed the task, the countrymen embark, attracted by the glare of the lights. The horses become Styrofoam totems and the masks cover the faces in a world of fantasy.

The wheel of fortune and fantasy

(Guzen to sozo, Japan, 2021, DCP, 120′, AM13)

Direction: Ryusuke Hamaguchi. With Kotone Furukawa, Ayumu Nakajima.

Told in three movements, it is a collection of stories starring female characters who trace the trajectories between their choices and regrets. An unexpected love triangle, a failed seduction trap and an encounter that results from a misunderstanding.

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