Anne Hathaway appears at the Cannes Film Festival and fans applaud her for proving that 40 is a fabulous age

Anne Hathaway is one of the most besieged stars of the show for his beauty, style and charisma. If there is one thing that has made this actress shine, it is that she is always willing to give herself to the maximum in whatever role she is given, in addition to being a multi-talented woman, capable of act, sing and dance.

That is why it is impossible not to talk about her every time she is present.

Hathaway recently walked the red carpet at thel Cannes Film Festival 2022 for the premiere of his new movie “Armageddon Time”, marking his first time at this important event.

The protagonist of “The Princess Diaries” wore a strapless white Armani Privé dress entirely embellished with sequinsfeaturing a sheer sheer panel and finished with an off-the-shoulder shawl that doubled as a dramatic train.

Hathaway accessorized with silver Santoni heels and a unique Bulgari “Mediterranean Reverie” necklace, as well as wearing a gigantic 107.15-carat cushion-cut sapphire.

“You hire [estilista] Erin Walsh and you trust her. You know, I’ve never been to Cannes, and I’ve been watching the film festival craze unfold for a couple of decades. And I’ve noticed certain things that you can never go wrong with,” the star told People during his time on the red carpet.

Hathaway continued: “You never go wrong with a little sparkle. You can never go wrong with something that looks elegant and glamorous, but feels very, very comfortable. And I noticed that many of my favorite actresses had their first-hand experience dressing all in white. So that’s what I did.”

Her husband Adam Shulman, who also wore Armani, accompanied her to the event. “Armageddon Time” co-star Jeremy Strong also walked the runway in a dapper tuxedo.

Of course, all the attention was on Anne since not only did she dress fabulously but she made it clear that reaching 40 is not a sentence.

Although she was filled with compliments from those who praised that she appears much younger than she really is, many recalled that a woman does not have an “expiration date” and that it is time to stop talking about 40 as if it were an old age.

“I see people hallucinating with Anne Hathaway because she looks beautiful at almost 40 years old and I don’t know what conception you have of 40-year-old women, really. THAT WE ARE GREAT”

“Guys it is obvious that Anne Hathaway is going to be impeccable when she turns 40 because first of all SHE IS STILL YOUNG and second that the creams she should use are worth more than my house and she should not lead the life that we lead, it is not a coincidence or a accident.”

Society is very good at judging us and putting pressure on our image and who we are. It is not strange to feel overwhelmed every time our birthday arrives and we remember that the clock is ticking.

Every time we hear “you’re getting older”, “how lucky you don’t look your age” it is inevitable to question whether we have done enough to say that we are truly full and happy.

The reality is that we must stop paying attention to unsolicited opinions that, far from being constructive, minimize us and negatively affect us.

You are not “less desirable” at 40, nor should you think about retiring from what you love or stop learning something new. Maybe things are not like when you were 20 or 30 but you are still at your best! It is now that you can set new goals, discover places you have not been able to visit before, establish new relationships and even climb more steps in your education. You set the limits yourself when you let yourself be carried away by other people’s expectations.

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