This was the diet that Natalie Portman had to get the perfect physique in the new Thor movie

A month ago, we had the first trailer for the fourth installment of the story starring Chris Hemsworth; Thor 4: Love and Thunderwhere we got our first glimpse of Natalie Portmanher co-star, for her role as mighty thorwhich has managed to excite endless fans, because no one expected that it would be Portman herself who would get into the role that will make this story something phenomenal.

Although for us it is something incredible, this would not be easy for the actress, but little by little she showed us that Jane Foster I was ready to lift Mjolnir, but her preparation was not something simple and surely not even she imagined. Her training was extremely extreme, mainly because she was wearing a vegan diet and he needed to consume much more to have the ideal body for this story, radically changing his diet.

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