Nicolas Cage revealed he was terrified to play himself in his next movie

“I mean, it was really scary, because I didn’t know what the tone was going to be so I turned it down. Then Tom Gornican wrote me a very enthusiastic, sincere, intelligent letter about some of the early work and what he really wanted to do. Yeah , it’s a comedy, but he also saw it as a celebration of type, of filmography,” he explained.

Cage reveals that he was motivated to take the role by a desire to explore “an idea of ​​mine which is, if there’s something you’re scared of, within reason, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or someone else.” , that’s exactly what you should go for, because you might learn something.”

“I see myself as a student of film and film acting, but I also thought this experience was daunting, it terrified me, I always felt like I was on a tightrope,” he recounted.

“I was always very nervous about falling into the realm of making fun of whatever I’ve been doing, or whatever my supposed aura is in public perception, the zeitgeist, so to speak. And what I learned is that I was right to make the choice, I am valid in thinking to go towards what you fear“, he reflected.

In the film, Cage’s “Nick” accepts an offer to attend the birthday party of Javi, a crime boss and super-fan of the actor played by Cage. Peter Pascalwith whom the movie star bonds over their shared love of film.

The dynamic that I experienced with Pedro Pascal was very similar to the dynamic that you have in the movie.says Cage. “Because we’re both movie buffs, we’re both movie enthusiasts, and we both enjoy talking about movies. And Pedro and I have some pretty weird senses of humor, he’s pretty outgoing with his comedy, I never know if he’s kidding or if he’s not kidding, and that’s great for that character, Javi, because you never want to be too sure where this is going. guy,” he noted.

“Is he dangerous? Or is he kind of goofy? And Pedro, as a talent, knows how to play that unpredictable edge. So, he was fun to work with, as a person that I enjoyed, but he was also really great in the movie.” celebrated.

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