Matt Hardy describes Vince McMahon and Bray Wyatt’s love-hate relationship

Matt Hardy He is a person who knows the WWE locker room very well. She also relationship between Vince McMahon and Bray Wyattwith whom he coincided for a season as tag team and even won a tag team championship with him.

Thanks to that stage, he was able to closely experience the relationship between Bray Wyatt and Vince McMahon behind the scenes. In the latest edition of his show on Twitch “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy”, Matt Hardy spoke about this matter and explained the love-hate relationship between the two, coming to describe Vince McMahon as a father to Bray Wyatt.

“Windham (Bray Wyatt) has always had a very strange relationship with Vince, very strange. It almost felt like Vince looked at him like a son in some ways,” Matt stated. “When he did things that he liked, he loved him and really gave him everything he could give him. He did everything he could to please him. But then, when he did something he didn’t like, he hated it, like he was going to lock him up forever“.

“It was almost like a very weird, very strange and different duality that Vince shared with Bray. When he liked him or loved him, it was all about him. But when he didn’t like him, oh my god, he was really mean and punished and insulted him. For me, it was so strange. It was almost like a father acting with his son“.

About Bray Wyatt himself, Matt Hardy highlighted his creative power. “He is an unusual thinker. He is also a very interesting person. Some of the materials he reads and studies are really unusual things, things you would not expect. He is a very knowledgeable and educated person, and he has many interests. I think that makes him too creative in many ways. It is unique in its process of trying to do new and different things. There are not many people who think like him. He’s very unique and he really has a very special gift when it comes to being creative.”

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