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Thanks to the conversation that Christian Nodal published with Belinda on Twitter, the name of both has been a trend in recent days, as well as that of Belinda Schull, mother of the singer. And that is why she revived a video on social networks in which a make-up artist talks about the impression she had of the Belis‘.

Belinda’s make-up artist revives viral TikTok on social networks

It was through TikTok that the user (@gabophotobox) shared two videos last February in which he talks about his experience working with the singer as a makeup artist for a collaboration he did with the clothing brand Studio F, but above all he emphasized the impression he got from his mother.

The makeup artist started the first video by emphasizing that she Belinda has always liked her and that she seemed like a very self-confident girl with leadership qualities, which changed (but not for the worse).

Later she said that she was working the day of the event and everything was normal until Belinda’s mother arrived.

“In that, you begin to hear how when ‘Miranda’ arrived at his office (like the character in the movie The Devil Wears Prada) and everyone starts ‘it’s here, it’s here, Mom Beli, Mom Beli‘, in my head it was that Belinda had arrived, but no, the one who had arrived was his mother”, narrated the makeup artist.

It was there when the tiktoker realized that the actress of welcome to eden had not arrived, and that who was doing the review of the models was her momwho by the way wore a serious countenance and was firm in disapproving of the outfits that had previously been armed.

“We already had several models in advance and then ‘mamá Beli’ came in and it felt like silence. The Spanish lady, with a super personality, very polite, very pretty, well, she did come, and very serious, checked everything and it was ‘that look I don’t like it, that doesn’t, that doesn’t go with that’… I imagined that Belinda was going to do that and no, it was her mother, “he confessed.

GaboPhotoBox noted that when a person in charge of the clothing brand told Belinda Schüll that he would send a model with her daughter for her to approve or disapprove of the look, the lady was shown with an ironic countenance. “The most ‘Kris Jenner’ of that as of ‘No, I mean, I’m saying that he’s not going to like that and he’s not going to like it‘” said the influencerwhich on TikTok has more than 80 thousand followers.

In her second video, she only summed up Belinda as a very pretty girl, although introverted and in need of both her mother and the person in charge of the catwalk to help her choose things, decide what to say and other things, but She did emphasize that her mother was the one who held the reins’ on the decisions of the also actress.

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