Lacoste x Minecraft: launch and prices of the collection

We cannot be overwhelmed by the arrival —finally!— of Lacoste X Minecraft. Every person on planet Earth who is well aware of the latest trends and the most important events in current history knows that Minecraft is not only a game; Literally, it is a universe under construction that has been expanding throughout our lives, becoming a cultural phenomenon where many of us have found friends and new ways of being creative.

It’s no wonder, then, that a name as strong as Minecraft has been joined by one of legendary proportions: Lacoste. the mark of sportswear Y casual that taught us to wear a polo shirt with all the style in the world, and that today is synonymous with a good look, whatever we choose from its collections.

Now all styles of players can wear a uniform tailored to their needs.Courtesy Lacoste

Lacoste X Minecraft suits all styles of play. And it is precisely speaking of the various lines and proposals that the famous crocodile label has, is that Lacoste X Minecraft it gets so exciting. Taking up the philosophy of Minecrafta place where we all fit in and collaborate to build a better place, where we are free to explore what we want in order to discover what defines us the most, Lacoste —and its style so cool— achieves a family of designs that are, effectively, FOR EVERYONE and BY EVERYONE.

Don’t you believe us? Well… At GQ we are obsessed with finding the most versatile clothes possible and, we can assure you, we know very well what we are talking about. Here are some proofs that Lacoste X Minecraft is the collection most adaptable you will find right now – and that you must have as soon as possible.

A color for every personality

Classic piece with relaxed vibes that celebrates the world of the famous video game. Courtesy Lacoste

As you well know, the color of our clothes says a lot about who we are. So this collection has focused on offering garments that include white, for those who usually wear lighter colors; black, focused on darker and more sober cabinets; and a very festive green, dedicated to all those who want extra fun in all their outfits. The best? They are hyper-combinable.

For any occasion

With a badge that combines the Minecraft logo and the iconic crocodile, this sweatshirt will be your favorite. Courtesy Lacoste

We are all complex people with different activities on a daily basis. Being aware of it together and separately, Lacoste X Minecraft has achieved a collection of garments that cater to different characters in our real life. Because we are not sitting in front of a computer playing all the time, these garments never leave us if it is time to exercise, go out to a party or even embark on a new adventure with your friends.

For extroverts… and introverts too!

Fun, relaxed and comfortable, this hat style will be the hit of your wardrobe.Courtesy Lacoste

Rarely do we find designs like this in stores. And it is that Lacoste X Minecraft It has designs that, on the one hand, are subtle and discreet for wardrobes that do not bet on the noisy; on the other, they have enough attitude to create outfits crazy and become the protagonists wherever you go. If this isn’t surprising, then we don’t know what is.

Classic and modern at the same time

Graphic watch that mixes the world of fashion with virtual scenarios. Courtesy Lacoste

Another very, very important point is that its classic shapes —with all the hallmarks of Lacoste— can transform into every closet on this planet to get a look pretty cool. Do you want to wear one of these shirts with a blazer, dress pants and tennis shoes? It can. Do you want to wear the sweatshirt with shorts and a hat? Please! Do you need a watch that makes you look very modern, whether with jeans or chinos? Do not look any further.

ages? No way…

Add a fun touch to your daily style with this backpack with a print that mixes crocodiles and pixelated characters. Courtesy Lacoste

Just as in fun and games, there is no age limit for fashion either. The most incredible thing about this collection is that any of us, regardless of the year we were born, can use this collection and be a member of the great community that is Minecraft day by day.

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