Karol G will change the color of her hair! when it will be?

Karol G has not yet decided on any color to replace the iconic blue that distinguishes her.

Karol G has not yet decided on any color to replace the iconic blue that distinguishes her.

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Karol G has become the role model among women struggling to find a place in music. Apart from her music, the urban music star has created a stamp that distinguishes her in the music scene and it has to do with her appearance. The interpreter of Nice kisses He decided to dye his hair blue in 2020, and from that moment his followers went crazy with his look, which has been copied by celebrities like Becky G and Sofía Vergara. In the concerts of ´la bichota´ it is more and more common for thousands of her followers to wear wigs of that tone. The success of his appearance is so great that he managed to make Yailin jealous, the most viral, a partner of his ex, Anuel AA, who recently starred in a scandal, as it is said that he ordered a woman who wore to be removed from one of his presentations. a wig of the aforementioned color, and it is even rumored that the dancer would have said that these appearances are to boycott her work.

Now the paisa is causing controversy again, as she declared, in an interview with Young Hollywood, that the time has come to experience a change that has to do with her anatomy. “I’m ready to change it, but I’m still on tour”He said referring to the color of her hair. “I know that many people from different parts of the world want to see Karol G with blue hair. Karol G’s era with blue hair. I’m still on tour, but I’ll do it as soon as the tour is over.”. The 31-year-old artist is said to have revealed that this is a very difficult decision to make.

Has Karol G already decided what color to use?

“I’m afraid to change it,” confessed the singer of provence in the aforementioned interview, but he also said that he is already deciding on his new look and to decide, she has been using wigs of various shades until deciding which is the best for her.

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