Julia Roberts or how to embrace your curly hair beyond 50

Actress Julia Roberts has shone again at the Cannes Film Festival on and off the red carpet and this time she has done it in the most flattering way with her iconic mane of curls that made us dream in the 90s. And the fact is that the actress, in addition to saying goodbye to her blonde streaks and opting for a hazelnut brownone of her most flattering hair colors, has now said goodbye to straight hair by hugging her naturally curly hair in all its splendor and wearing the best version of his hair.

Because who can forget the unforgettable and dreamy curls of Julia Roberts in beautiful woman either sleeping with his enemy? That long hair was and is everyone’s dream and now he’s bringing it back, proving that it’s more up-to-date and more inspiring than ever. The question is how to get those elastic curls and spectacular and we give you the best keys to his curly method.

More hydration and mask

Actress Julia Roberts wearing the best version

Actress Julia Roberts wearing the best version of her iconic curls with her new brown hair at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.GTres Online.

Well, the basis of wearing a curly hair like Julia Roberts at 50 is in how we take care of them daily with suitable products to our needs. And if you have curly hair, you should already know what it is more likely to become dehydrated and even more so if you wear it dyed like Julia Roberts. For this reason, during the wash, it is advisable to bet on shampoos and conditioners that provide hydration and incorporate into our routine the use of masks once a week.

Become a fan of finishing products

Curly hair like Julia Roberts’s also has needs of its own that require attention. specific finishing products to define the curls. For this reason, as Charo GarcĂ­a, from Ilitia Beauty & Science, explains to us, “we must resort to products that provide moisture and nutrition and that have ingredients such as coconut oil and a trick to show off curls as beautiful as those of the actress is apply a little oil mid to ends before applying the finishing product. And another is not letting the excess water in your hair get absorbed when you get out of the shower and apply the curl cream or foam to prevent frizz and elastic and shiny curls”.

Care for your curls at the hairdresser

Curly hair tends to dry out by its very nature, so take this into account when styling or changing colours. “When we apply highlights or dye curly hair, we must be very rigorous with the care we carry out at home, also carry out in-salon treatments every month or two months for hydrate and regenerate. This is so because curly hair is drier and if we also dye it, we dry it out even more. For these cases, coloring based on mud or organic oils are highly recommended, as they damage the fiber less because they provide part of the protein that is lost during the coloring process. dyes are preferablewithout ammonia and applied to the root, without reaching the ends”, recommends Raquel Saiz from the Blue salon.

No two curls are the same

As for the type of curls, there are no exact curls because factors such as climate, hair thickness, pollution, etc. They must be taken into account when caring for our curly hair. And to eliminate frizz, we must first know if its cause is due to lack of hydration or because the hair has weakened due to loss of the natural protein that it is composed of. “Knowing the true cause will make us give it the right solution and one of the most effective hair treatments is that of enzyme therapy that eliminates frizz, adds shine and replenishes the fiber inside”, assures us Rafael Bueno, from Rafael Bueno Peluqueros. So it is not surprising that the actress put into action each and every one of these tricks and tips to show off the best version of her curls at 54 years of age.

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