A player adds 1000 new blocks to Minecraft to completely change the game


As if they weren’t enough, all the ones in the base game, with forms and everything.

Over the years and updates, Minecraft has exponentially multiplied the number of available blocks when building. These blocks are made of all kinds of materials and fulfill different functions, the clearest being for pure aesthetics. Each new version of the game usually brings blocks according to its theme, but far from seeming enough, a player has added 1,000 more blocks of their own harvest.

JayCubTruth, a well-known Minecraft modder, will be adding nearly 1,000 new blocks through his new project, Blockz+, including 17 new shapes. This includes curved, pyramid or corner blocks, something that the base game does not support at the moment. He recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel with an exhaustive overview of the work he has done to date.

Minecraft has dozens and dozens of mods of all kinds, but this project really seems completely groundbreaking due to the number of blocks and shapes that it intends to add to the base game. Imagine the things that could be done with blocks with new shapesthe topdo Minecraft builder and decorator’s dream.

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Upcoming Minecraft Updates

Meanwhile, Mojang works on the minecraft version 1.19the so-called Wild Update, which also will include new blocks, among other things. What it will not include are fireflies, since after having announced them, they confirmed their withdrawal just a few days ago. The team argued that he wanted his implementation to be realistic, but since it is an insect that can be poisonous to frogs, it was better to remove it from the final version. Reason that a large part of the community has sounded like excuse to hide other problems or incompatibilities.

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