WWE Clash at The Castle: price madness in the pre-sale of tickets

WWE will put tickets on sale this week Premium Live Events Clash at The Castle. At the time of announcing the celebration of the event, there was some fear that WWE would not be able to fill a stadium the size of Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, a stadium with more than 70,000 seats available.

When the ticket pre-sale registration was announced, WWE was able to see how interested the European public was in attending the show, and the truth is that the numbers amazed. After conducting a study, the company decided to launch a pre-sale of tickets at a price similar to that of a WrestleManiawith the front row seats long exceeding 1000 pounds and others from reduced visibility to ringside levels at a non-televised event.

Dave Meltzer, a journalist for Wrestling Observer, analyzed this news on his latest radio show, where he predicted that WWE will end up lowering ticket prices as the weeks go by. Prices range between 40 pounds (about 47€ or 50 dollars) and 1,680 pounds. Meltzer noted that many fans rushed for tickets at the time of the pre-sale, but found the prices unpopular. Subsequently, ticketmaster enabled cheaper tickets, from 47 to 150 euros, which made many of them pay for the first price, much higher than what they expected to find.

Meltzer explained his experience and described several messages that had come to him from some fans. Ultimately, he described ticket sales as the most expensive in WWE history.

“There are people who got £40 tickets for the upper deck seats, which is, you know, $50 or so, which isn’t crazy, but most people couldn’t even get them. Sometimes you’d walk in and people would get seats, and then you would get seats in the same section that had ridiculously different prices because they changed quickly. It is the most expensive ticket price in the history of the company“.

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