The farewell? Puebla and Larcamón publish a mysterious message on networks

Although everything seemed to indicate that Nicholas Larcamon would continue to command the Puebla Strip for the 2021 Opening Tournament, the Angelopolis team published a mysterious video that has made their fans doubt.

Through their social networks, the La Franja team published a video in which Nicolás Larcamón, technical director of the team, thanked the team and the fans for the support received during the last three seasons.

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“Thank you for these 18 months at the head of Pueblota, Profe Larcamón!” Reads the post on the Strip.

For his part, Nicolás Larcamón highlighted everything that was achieved with the squad in a year and a half, in addition to recognizing the fans of the Strip, in what seemed to be a farewell to the Argentine coach.

“The day we arrived in Puebla we had the illusion of achieving great things. We assume the commitment to work every day as if it were the last. In this year and a half as a team, we have achieved very important things, playing decisive instances and giving us memorable nights. I feel very proud to have connected with the Puebla fans and I will never forget these 18 months with the Strip.”

Despite the fact that it seems that Larcamón is saying goodbye to the team, the Puebla team has not issued any type of message confirming the departure of the DT.

On the other hand, due to the way in which Puebla is handled on the networks, some fans began to speculate that, contrary to what is thought, the renewal of Larcamón with the Strip could come.

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