Not only Olivia Rodrigo, 4 singers who are the new face of punk today

Although reggaeton is the king of the playlists, little by little the punk takes back his ground with the help of Olivia Rodrigo and others singers who are the new face of musical style. Each one has given its touch of pop, as well as rock that remind us of the classic representatives of the genre, however, only they have found a way to speak with current generations.

Since last year the return of pop has been announced punk for 2022, derived from the reception, as well as the good reviews received by the debut album, ‘Sour’, from the protagonist of the Disney series ‘High School Musical’. The production was distinguished by mixing sounds that appeal to neopunk.

Later, Avril Lavigne joined him with the presentation of his songs that would be included on his album ‘Love Sux’. The return of the ‘princess of pop’ punk‘, as well as the success of Olivia Rodrigoonly confirmed the predictions that the genre, which marked the 70s and a part of the two thousand, would be back with a group of singers that would be his new face.

Punk singers in 2022

His debut was marked by a harder beat in electropop and indie, but, for his second album, ‘Happier Than Ever’, billie eilish and his brother Finneas decided to include “a ranger driven by electric guitar” in the song titled as the album, which is considered a rock opera to represent the catharsis that the singer had when he composed it.

Since 2018, The Linda Lindas have surprised with their punk rock, but it wasn’t until three years later that they had worldwide exposure by being part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Moxie’ and the Netflix documentary, ‘The Claudia Kishi Club. Currently, the band made up of girls under the age of 18 released their album ‘Growing Up’.

Just like Billie Eilish, Royal & The Serpent has distinguished himself by immersing himself in the depths of indie pop, but on his third EP ‘If I Die Would Anyone Care’ he explores the punk where the use of hypnotic guitars stands out to show the rebellion and emotions behind his lyrics.

In our list of singers who are the new face of punkcould not miss Willow Smith who next July 2022 will present his era stuck to alternative rock, emo and nu metal with the album ‘Lately Feel Everything’ where he will feature collaborations from two classic representatives of the genre: Travis Baker and Avril Lavigne.

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