No man’s land’ rises on Telecinco and leads and ‘Alba’ endures the pull on Antena 3

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After the end of the series entrevíaspresumably yesterday’s was the last installment of Survivors: No Man’s Land on Wednesday night on Telecinco, it will be broadcast live again on Tuesdays. Last night was a gala in which Marta López Álamo surprised Kiko Matamoros again, and in which all the contestants participated in a reward game called “delicious or disgusting”.

According to data from Barlovento Comunicación, GECA and Dos30′, Survivors: No Man’s Land was leader of his strip, and climbed to a 16.2% share and 1,832,000 viewers on average; improvement over the previous week by 1.3 points and 120,000 viewers.

Antena 3 offered the eleventh episode of the series Sunrise, starring Elena Rivera. Spanish fiction endures the pull with a 13,one% screen share with 1.565,000 viewers on average, slightly lower data than the previous week, but which shows that the series has found a very loyal audience, since since April 20 its number of viewers has not changed much.

La 1 plays again on Wednesday night, although not as much as last week, when the tape Blood Diamond it did not reach 600,000 viewers. On this occasion, the TVE film container offered the film The peacemaker, starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, and which managed to bring together half of the 7.1% share with 789,000 viewers.

Ana Pastor was in charge of The objective at laSexta, as usual. The program fell below the barrier of half a million viewers, keeping an average of 420,000 and an 3.4% share. It came from scoring 523,000 viewers on average with a 3.8% share in its previous installment.

The adventurer Jesús Calleja was accompanied by Joaquín Prat in Planet Alleyin a delivery in which we were able to get to know the presenter of Ana Rosa’s program (with a cameo by Quintana herself included). His average was 5.9% share with 602,000 viewers on average

the documaster de La 2, finally, issued a double installment. museum of royal taste got 350,000 viewers with a 2.5% share, and painters museum341,000 followers and 2.7%.

The most watched program of the day was Antenna 3 News 2, with the twenty,5% share and 2.362,000 spectators. The most watched non-informative space was Pass wordwith a 24,6% quota and 2.269,000 spectators.

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