Nicolás Larcamón renews until 2023 with La Franja

Puebla dedicated a video to Nicolás Larcamón to later announce its renewal until 2023

Puebla thanked Nicholas Larcamon the 18 months that the Argentine helmsman has led the team from Puebla, with which he has played two Liguillas and a playoff. Through a video and with a message from the same strategist, they remembered important moments with the team. Later, in a second video, they announced the extension of his contract until the end of 2023.

“I feel very proud to have connected with the Puebla fans and I will never forget these 18 months with the Strip,” Larcamón said in the video that the club published on its official accounts.

“The day we got to Puebla We had the illusion of achieving great things. We assume the commitment to work every day as if it were the last. In this year and a half as a team, we have achieved very important things, playing decisive instances and giving us memorable nights”, added the Argentine.

Meanwhile, many Puebla fans left comments in which they asked him not to leave the club due to the good results he delivered in these 18 months, while fans of other teams nominated him for clubs that currently do not have a helmsman.

Nicholas Larcamon has been the object of desire by several institutions in the MX League due to the results it has delivered with a modest campus in terms of payroll, since Puebla It is the fifteenth cheapest template in this football year.

For months there was talk that the Argentine was in the sights of America, Chivas Y Lion.

Larcamon He had a contract until December of this year and this was extended until the end of 2023.

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