“Me Jennifer Lopez from the discount store?” Chanel comments on Malgioglio’s apologies on TV

Calling Chanel Terrero “a Jennifer Lopez discount” during Eurovision had raised a heap of criticism against Cristiano Malgioglio, who was later ready to apologize to the person who was also interested in giving a bouquet of flowers. How the Spanish singer took the words of the Italian commentator and the remedial gesture of the unflattering judgment was shown on TV, in the Spanish broadcast La Hora de La 1to be precise, where the artist had his say on the episode that saw her as protagonist in spite of herself.

“Did you know about the controversy over the words of the Italian singer?” asked the Spanish journalist: “What do you think of what was said about you? And above all, have you forgiven him?”. Chanel’s comment is ready and, without hiding a certain bitterness, then admitted to having forgiven Malgioglio, appreciating the floral tribute and the publicly addressed apologies. “Yes, I was aware of the controversy. I learned that during the vote Jennifer Lopez from the discount stores called me. I read everything on social media and I have to be honest, we also commented on what happened” said the singer: “What can I say, his comment was not nice, not very pleasant to hear. But I appreciate very much that he decided to apologize and above all that he did it publicly in front of the cameras. I liked this gesture. “

An apology from Cristiano Malgioglio to Chanel Terrero

“I will go to Spain to make peace with Chanel, I will offer her a nice duet on a song that I will write for her and I will call it ‘Disculpame’, to play down” said Cristiano Malgioglio, commenting on the slip to La vita live – “That my discount was to say that she is like a little Jennifer Lopez. It was not an offense but I apologize. Now I have an interview with Spanish television. But do I have to become famous at my age for this word? I however apologize, I am always ironic. But I didn’t influence anyone, they had already voted. ” Her apologies which have now been accepted.

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