Loles León: “Jack Nicholson is very present in the play in which I talk about my life”


An eminence of the world of interpretation, the very Loles Lon. The actress comes very “grateful and excited” to tell us about her new film ‘Espejo, Espejo’ and tell us endless anecdotes.

If the chakras do not align, align them yourself. That is the first lesson that Loles León has given us, one of the most vivid actresses of our cinema and our television. Her roles are as remembered as the death of Paloma in Here there is no one alive. And her phrases? Unforgettable: “the faces Juan, record their faces”.

Our little park is baptized with the name of Antonio Resines but Loles would well deserve a street of its own. “I want a fountain with three barrels, one with water, one with milk for the kids, and one with whiskey,” he jokes.

mirror, mirror is the new film in which he participates with Santi Millan, Anthony Resines, Malena Alterio and the disappeared veronica forquand. “I am little there, but I have succeeded,” says the actress, whose role is that of “resentful psychologist.”

In his normal life, what he does to let off steam is yell. Although she wakes up in a good mood, if things don’t go well she screams at those around her. “The first thing I do is pee when I get up, then I take the pill for all the things that are needed, which will come soon. I like it because if it’s made to fix the world for you, then I’ll take it everything, and then the oatmeal and all that,” she explains.

The mirror can be a good tool to see things from another perspective. “I talk a lot in the mirror because I have to vent to someoneI do it with myself and then I ask myself ‘but what do you do?’, she says. She also uses it to practice scripts and rehearse phrases. .. You have to correct the crooked mouth, the closed eye,” he explains.

With new actors and actresses, she acts like a little teacher. “I tell them ‘do you want your mother to see you?’ So listen to me.”

In addition to mirror, mirrorLoles León premieres very shortly in Barcelona the work one night with her, whose plot is about his life but “with a bit of fiction”. “My life has always been paranormal but now everything is more or less in order. There is fiction and there are also things, the most emotional part, with how I got here alone, to Madrid… When you want to be actresses and they tell you no, that They are battles,” he says.

Angelina Houston, Lizza Minelli and Jack Nicholson are some of the characters she has met throughout her career. “And Jack Nicholson is very present in the play…”hints.

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