Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities on the Ferrari blacklist

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canadian singer Justin Bieber is one of the most controversial characters in the music industry, despite his fame and huge bank account, a brand has decided that it will never serve you as a distinguished customer: Ferrari.

Why is Justin Bieber forbidden to buy a Ferrari?

That’s how it is, Justin Bieber is banned from buying new Ferrari cars, as the luxury carmaker announced that it is indefinitely banned from doing any kind of business with the company.

Thus, a report indicates that Ferrari likes its clients to be free of personal conflicts, scandals or unethical behavior, something that Justin Bieber does not have for the brand.

According to Ferrari, the pop star violated the codes of conduct as a buyersince in 2016, he customized his 458 Italia in the famous vehicle cutting workshop of Western Coast Customsthat is, it altered the essence of the car.

At the time, the car was painted blue, got a new sound system, and had part of the exterior changed with a body kit. libertywalk, something that the brand saw with bad eyes since the designs are designed to offer the most exclusive to its customers.

According to a brand statement, Ferrari only allows changes to the structure of the car if they do so with authorized subsidiaries, but this was not the case.

Justin Bieber auctioned a Ferrari, the brand did not accept this behavior

That same year, Justin Bieber was arrested for driving his Ferrari without a license. Given this, he decided to leave his 458 Italia car near a nightclub in Beverly Hills for two weeks.

Once you put these problems aside, in 2017, he auctioned off his 458 Italia for $434,000.but the brand requires its buyers not to resell models.

What other personalities can not buy a Ferrari?

But he is not the only personality who cannot buy a Ferrari, other famous names like the actor Nicolas CageFloyd Mayweather Jr. in addition to the model and entrepreneur kim kardashian and the rapper 50Cent they also cannot acquire a model of Il Prancing Horse.

Justin Bieber along with all these actors and personalities have had a behavior that is not in accordance with the values ​​of the brand, for that reason, Ferrari decided not to offer another model that will end up in the garage of one of them.

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