Julia Roberts shows off her smile on the Cannes red carpet

american actress Julia Roberts appeared this Thursday as a surprise guest on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and he won over the public and the press with his characteristic smile.

The interpreter was present as godmother of the Chopard award for young promises, which the nationalized Ugandan will receive this Thursday night British Sheila Atim and Scotsman Jack Lowden.

Roberts had only been to Cannes once, in 2016, when he presented “Money Monster” out of competition. Jodie Foster, with George Clooney as co-star. On that occasion she defied the dress code, which requires women to wear high heels, and she went barefoot to the Palace of Festivals.

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The actress attended today the screening of “Armageddon Times”, of the also American James Gray. For the latter it is his fifth time in competition, after “The Yards” (2000), “We own the night” (2007), “Two lovers” (2008) and “The immigrant” (2013).

Gray was accompanied on that pass by two of his main protagonistsAnne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong who set foot in Cannes for the first time.

“I’m happy to be here and it’s an honor to do it with a James Gray film,” said the actor. In the film he also acts Anthony Hopkins, who did not attend but is a regular both in competition and in other sections of the contest.

On the famous red carpet, one of the most photographed moments of each edition, and this one that opened on Tuesday and closesMay 28 is 75, The Spanish influencer Gala González was also there.

In the morning he had gone to the Magnum ice cream brand tent to present the remix of the song “Can’t get you out of my head”, a classic by Australian singer Kylie Minogue that the latter has modernized together with the DJ, South Korean fashion designer and music producer Peggy Gou.

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