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The filming of ‘Indiana Jones 5’ has recently finished, return to the world of the most famous archaeologist with this quiz!

It seemed that this moment would never come, but the filming of indiana jones 5 has already finished. Harrison Ford has once again incarnated the famous archaeologist who multiplied the sale of whips and hats in the 1980s with his undoubted charisma.

Although Steven Spielberg was behind the fifth installment of the franchise for a long time, it has finally been James Mangold -the same Logan either Le Mans 66– the one who has occupied the director’s chair. The mythical Harrison Ford he will be backed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen or Boyd Holbrook. They are the ones leading a project that, without a doubt, is at the forefront of the most anticipated in the coming years.

Since the early 1980s we have witnessed the famous archaeologist and his search for the lost ark in Egypt. We have also seen him face the terrible priest Mola Ram of the cursed temple. And he has led a final crusade to find the Grail alongside his father, who was played by Sean Connery… And then it was released The kingdom of the crystal skullwhich, to be honest, did not convince the fans too much.

While we wait to see if the fifth installment of Indiana Jones lives up to its predecessors, put your knowledge of the saga to the test with this quiz. 8 questions about the universe of the famous adventurer only suitable for the biggest fans. Will you reach the Grail? It’s your turn to prove it. If you have problems to see the test, try this link.



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