“I can be my own boss” [FOTO]

carmen electra

The success achieved by OnlyFans in recent years it is undeniable. The well-known platform used all over the world by users who share content of all kinds, free or paid, with their subscribers, has also begun to take hold in the world of celebrities. Among the various stars who have signed up we find faces like rappers Cardi B And Chris Brownbut also Hollywood names like Bella Thorne or the interpreter of the MCU Michael B. Jordan, which last November announced that it wanted to land on OnlyFans to raise funds for companies in crisis after the pandemic. The latest arrival is Carmen Electrawho just in these hours communicated the big news to his Instagram followers.

The model and actress, known for having participated in comedies such as Scary Movie, 3ciento, Epic Movie and also the Christmas holidays 2000 by Carlo Vanzina, revealed to People the reasons why he decided to give a sort of turning point to his career through OnlyFans:

For once, I have the opportunity to be my own boss and have my own creative vision to share with my fans without someone hitting me and saying, ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that. Cover this’“.

The page will include beauty tutorials, vacation content, swimwear and lingerie photos, as well as “Sexier but classy shots or videos”in order to create a relationship “A little more intimate” with fans through direct interactions. He also explains that should he want to show “something more”thanks to the less restrictive policies of OnlyFans will not be forced to use emojis as a censorship as happens on Instagram.

People will still do what they want with your photos, so you can be in control and decide to simply do what you feel like doing. […] I think what we’re going through now is a time where people finally stand up and fight for who they are… It’s not always easy to do, but I respect people who can come forward as they are and be honest about it. “

The actress’s OnlyFans page is inaugurated by the contents dedicated to her recent trip to Palm Springs, where she celebrated her 50th birthday in the company of friends. Below you will find a small preview of her photos posted on her Instagram, where Carmen Electra announced the opening of her new account.



Photo: Getty (Paul Archuleta)


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