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a tragic accident spoiled the future of partner in Turkeythis after a man tried to recreate the iconic scene of the movie titanica with his girlfriend, while they were in a port, because he fell into the water and ended up drowning.

Information from local media indicated that the couple was trying to copy the popular scene of the movie in the northwestern province of Kocaeli in Turkey. However, the moment they tried to recreate the pose, the man lost his balance and fell into the sea.

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Boyfriend drowned after recreating Titanic scene

The couple had been drinking, which made it more difficult for the man to get out of the water, losing his life, while his girlfriend ended up hospitalized.

It is about Furkan Çiftçi and his girlfriend, Mine Dinar, both 23 years old, who were fishing in the marina, however, both decided to jump the security barriers to be able to recreate the scene of the film starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Girlfriend gives her first statements at the hospital

“We drank alcohol and then we wanted to do a Titanic pose. We lost our balance and fell into the sea, ”said Dinar when giving the first testimony of him after the accident.

It should be noted that those who saw what was happening saved Dinar by extending a fishing rod until they pulled her out of the water to later transfer her to a nearby hospital, however, her boyfriend did not have the same fate.

Since unfortunately the man did not manage to get out of the sea alive and after hours of searching the rescuers managed to rescue the man’s body, which after performing the autopsy will be buried in a private ceremony.

The scene of Jack and Rose, where they are on the bow of the ship with open arms, is perhaps one of the most mythical in the world of cinema, in addition to the fact that the film directed by James Cameron was the winner of 11 Oscars.

Note originally published in: The Herald of Tabasco

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