From Ricardo Darín to Bill Murray and John Malkovich: actors who played themselves in the cinema

In the weight of talent, Nicolas Cage gives body and soul to a police comedy based on self-parody. The actor plays himself, and has fun with a script based on his status as a popular icon. However, this is not the first time that this resource has been used in the cinema and, as will be seen immediately, with a few exceptions, it usually coincides with a decline in the artist’s career.

Here are some examples of national and international stars who have played themselves in movies. In order not to make the list endless, cameos and participations in series were omitted; Also those cases like Vin Diesel either Tom Hardy that, whatever they are called in fiction, they always play the same role.

A real curiosity within the national cinema. It seems that Ricardo Darin He had promised director Carlos Kaimakamian Carrau that the day he made a film, he would participate. The moment arrived, and the actor kept his word by playing himself. Fiction and reality intermingle in this comedy about a group of boys with more enthusiasm than talent who get Darín to star in his film with unexpected results. A scene that ends in tragedy, the disappearance of the actor and the world that begins to wonder where he is. To close the bizarre idea with a flourish appears Susana Gimenez as the President of the Nation.

For 2008 the star of Jean Claude Van Damme as an action hero he faded hopelessly. Between the debacle of the subgenre and the limitations of the Belgian to offer more of the same without being so noticeable, there was not much solution. So Jean-Claude resorted to parody and jumped into the pool with a film that he named with his initials. The plot? His personal and professional life devalued at that time, revolutionized by a bank robbery that forces him to live up to his legend in fiction. Between the good humor of the protagonist, and a story that balances at all times so as not to fall into the obvious and the thick line, JCVD complies. And, believe it or not, it gave the star’s career a fresh start.

In addition to taking the topic of zombies (very well) as a joke, Ruben Fleischer’s film passes cleanly and updated some rules to get out of such a situation alive, scattered in dozens of films of the genre; and for dessert he plays with the codes of Hollywood, turning them inside out and inside out. That is zombieland.

On their escape route from the invasion of the undead, the protagonist group stops at the mansion of Bill Murray, whom they find as if nothing had happened. The actor not only plays himself, but also agrees to exaggerate his fictional reality to the point of absurdity to the rhythm of the soundtrack of The Ghostbusters. Participation was for more, but what appears on the screen is one hundred percent Murray.

When the Freddy Krueger saga had nothing more to contribute (six films had passed, one worse than the other, and also a series), Wes Craven He returned behind and in front of the cameras to make one last attempt. The idea was to appeal once again to the resource of “cinema within the cinema” and show that in reality he “dreamed” the stories of the films, dictated by Freddy himself.

In order to carry out this game of mirrors, actresses and actors from the original had to return, but not as characters but as themselves. The one who had the most work was Robert Englundthat he had to be interpreted, and also the creature.

A curiosity about the idea is that it was always said that Freddy’s glove had been inspired by the character Ze Do Caixao, a Brazilian horror icon created by the filmmaker José Mojica Marins. But less known is that a film of his franchise, Delusions of an Abnormal (1978), has several points in common with Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

The Batman series was and is a milestone in popular culture; however, it was not until the beginning of the new millennium that someone had the good idea to recreate something from it. Between homage and self-parody, this TV movie by Paul A. Kaufman plays with the idea of ​​a Adam West and a Burt Ward similar to his television creatures.

The actors are invited to a charity show where the original Batmobile is going to be exhibited, but from one second to the next it is stolen by The Riddler. With clues related to the show’s creation and history, Adam and Burt become unwitting detectives through memories of what they experienced forty years earlier as they try, once again, to find the villain. An inspired tribute without too many pretensions, which came to fruition thanks to the predisposition of Adam West.

The first opera of the Argentine Juan Villegas shed light on one of the great unknowns in the history of cinema and television: Is he called Gastón “Pauls” or Gastón “Pols”? With a small budget but great cinematographic expertise, the director follows a series of characters with different problems during the first day of the weekend. Among them is a very young daniel hendler that, in a traffic accident with his car, he runs into Pauls. From that moment on, the actor joins the gallery of characters, and while he reveals some of his personality characteristics, he solves the million dollar question about his last name.

The actor James Franco receives a group of friends at his home in Los Angeles (Jonah Hill, seth roden Y Danny McBride, among others), at a housewarming party that is interrupted by an alien attack. The excuse, because everything is nothing more than a great narrative excuse, is enough for a group of Hollywood comedians to find a way to make a movie without acting too much, with a code that they know by heart, and that the viewer will be able to enter according to the closeness you have with your work or with your humor style. For Franco, a man who has known how to go from comedy to drama with identical results, it is one of the projects where he has been most comfortable.

The only one that already in the title makes it clear to which movie star it is going to refer. Spike Jonze behind the scenes and charlie kaufman in the script they conceived in 1999 a story that surprised by its approach and invoice. Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) is a puppeteer who gets a job in a strange office, only to discover that a tunnel leads him directly to the head of John Malkovich. With a starting point that could easily have been a chapter of The unknown dimension A surreal film was born that divided the waters of the audience at the time of its premiere, and at the same time catapulted those responsible towards a future of success. In addition to Cusack and Malkovich, they are part of the cast Cameron Diaz Y Catherine Keener.

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