Eva Longoria and 6 other celebrities who look much younger than they are (PHOTOS)

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It seems that some actresses have the secret of eternal youth, since at over 40 they look much younger, like Eva Longoria.

Longoria, who is the wife of Pepe Bastón, ex-partner of Natalia Esperón, is 47 years old and became a mother at the age of 43 of Santiago Enrique, who perhaps has filled her even more with life.

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Like the Texan, there are other celebrities who are “swallows years”, because they don’t look their age; in fact, if they weren’t famous and the internet didn’t exist, anyone would believe them if they say they’re barely 40 years old.

50-year-old celebrities who look younger

Jennifer Aniston

The actress remembered for her role as Rachel Green in Friends was born on February 11, 1969, that is, she is 53 years old, which she does not appear to be, since she looks just as beautiful as her youth.

gwen Stefani

The singer from California, born on October 3, 1969, seems not to age, so much so that those attending the Tecate Emblema festival in Mexico City were surprised to see her, since youth not only wears it in her appearance, also in its vitality.

Instagram @gwenstefani

Monica Bellucci

The actress and model is 57 years old, she was born on September 3, 1964; however, she could say that she is five years younger and no one would doubt it. A few weeks ago she premiered the movie “Assassin without memory”, in which she shares credits with Liam Neeson and the Mexican actor Harold Torres, who confirmed that she is famous, she is beautiful.

Instagram @monicabellucciofficiel

Sandra Bullock

She is another of the famous ones for whom time does not pass, despite being 57 years old. The actress born on July 26, 1964, she is considered one of the most talented and beautiful in Hollywood, thanks to her versatility, since she can act in both action and comedy films.

Instagram @sandra.bullock.official

Jennifer Lopez

The singer and actress is also part of the list of celebrities who look much younger than 50 years old. The interpreter of songs like “El Anillo” and “Get Right” is 52 years old.

Instagram @jlo

Jennifer Lopez will probably get even younger now that she’s remarrying Ben Affleck, as Eva Longoria he did it with the birth of his son Santi.

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