Disney acquires the image rights of Stan Lee and could use them in future cameos for Marvel

Mainly due to the Star Wars saga, Disney has been gradually polishing its technology of deepfake (digital face replacement) to include deceased actors and actresses like Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing in rogue one or simply to rejuvenate actors like Mark Hamill with his Luke Skywalker character in Mandalorian. While it would not be strange if it was a tool used by Vin Diesel to pay tribute to Paul Walker for the last time at the end of Fast&Furious. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has given the news that Marvel has just signed an agreement with Stan Lee Universe, a company that has the rights to Stan Lee’s image and name, so if he wanted he could introduce him again in the form of cameos or in any of his businesses.

Stan Lee (Marvel)

Stan Lee was the most charismatic creative face behind the most iconic creations of La Casa de las Ideas. So much so that since the first superhero movies, Lee has been making funny cameos in most feature films. Turning each premiere into a new game for the fans, who had fun looking for the genius throughout the film. Something very similar to the usual appearances of Hitchcock in his feature films.

Stan Lee
Stan Lee (Marvel)

Beyond the UCM, Disney through Marvel could use Lee’s image as it wanted, since this four-year agreement also contemplates merchandising or theme parks, although video games or virtual reality are exempt from the deal: “This ensures that Stan, through digital technology and archival footage, will survive in the most important place, the Marvel movies and the Disney theme parks. It’s a broad deal.”pointed from Genius Brands international and Pow! Entertainmentthe company with the aforementioned rights.

The executives also assured that the agreement can be taken as an eternal tribute perpetuated thanks to technology: “The public revered Stan and if it is done with taste and class, respecting what he was, the use of the image will be well received. He is a much loved personality and long after we are gone, he will continue to be the essence of Marvel.” The following Marvel releases, Thor: Love and thunder Y guardians of the galaxy vol.3 They have already finished their recordings, so if we expect a new Stan Lee cameo, we would have to wait for other productions in 2023.

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