Charlene of Monaco, in the face of Alberto! She ‘consoles herself’ with a very famous 50-year-old

Charlene of Monaco ‘forgets Albert’. Do you know who the Monegasque princess ‘consoles’ herself with? With a very famous fifty-year-old, known all over the world and above all really fascinating.

Charlene and Alberto II –

The Princess of Monaco ‘puts his wife on the bench’ Albert II and lets herself go into the ‘arms’ of a very famous man: you know himis very popular and loved all over the world.

Charlene of Monaco ‘drops’ Alberto for him

Princess Charlene of Monaco is in the eye of the storm again. Since she returned to the Rocca after a very complicated period that has severely tested not only her but also the other members of the Grimaldi familynow it seems that she is ready to face life again with a smile.

Charlene Wittstock –

2021 was not an easy year for the wife of Albert II who had to face gods Health problems very serious who put his life in jeopardy. The distance then from Principality and above all by the children, the twins Jacques and Gabriellait certainly did not help her recover in a short period of time.

Finally his health improved notably, it is the marriage crisis with his wife. For some time there has been talk of a divorce which should come shortly but which for the moment has been postponed to avoid tarnish the good name of the Grimaldi family.

Meanwhile Wittstock ‘puts aside’ the Monegasque sovereign and ‘consoles’ with him, a very famous fifty years oldknown and loved all over the world.

Who is the very famous who has ‘won’ the heart of the princess

Charlene Wittstock puts Alberto on the ‘bench’ and ‘consoles’ himself with a very famous and beautiful man but above all known all over the world: we are talking about Will Smith. Yes, the wife of the Monegasque sovereign will soon have to meet the famous Hollywood actor in an event, that of Monaco Grand Prix which will be held in the Principality from 26 to 29 May.

Will Smith
Will Smith –

The American star is highly anticipated along with other Hollywood stars like Patrick Dempsey and consort e Tom Holland and his girlfriend Zendaya. Will Smith she is not going through a simple period: just like Princess Charlene is suffering from depression.

It is currently located in India where a guru would be helping him learn a manage and control his emotions in the best possible way. It is not the first time that Will Smith takes such a journey. Already in 2019 he had always traveled to India for find himself.

Charlene and Will Smith they are therefore linked by this illness which affected both of them. During his stay in a Swiss clinic, too Charlene was being treated for severe depression.

The therapies, however, had an effect in her case: today the princess is better and in Switzerland, which has become her second home, she has also found new friends. She often travels herself alone for get away from court thoughts and devote some time to herself.

Charlene and Will Smith
Charlene and Will Smith –

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