Camila Cabello and Chanel Terrero practically the same

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    Chanel Terrero is the ‘woman’ of the moment. The well-deserved ‘bronze medal’ that she and her team of dancers took at Eurovision 2022 have put her in the spotlight, and lately there is no talk of another issue. The ‘Chanelazo’ is known even by your most disconnected neighbor today, well, his is already part of the best Eurovision performances in history. Not to mention that we already have a new summer song? If we have.

    Well, as you well know if you are there ‘papapapapá’ with social networks, that visibility transferred to the 3.0 universe has resulted in the publication of old videos of her, memes, curiosities and the one that brings us here and that is viral since yesterday (and maybe it came out in the ‘For you’ section): Chanel Terrero is identical to Camila Cabello. If you haven’t seen it, have you thought about it?

    chanel terrero camila hair


    And it is not only the physical resemblance that has attracted the attention of users of the Chinese social network who have made the clip viral. As a curious fact to note, both were born in Cuba. Doesn’t that seem like too much of a coincidence?

    Well, now, freak out with the video. It shows montages of the two artists in similar positions; notice how identical they are. We do not get out of our amazement, especially with the image in which they hold the microphone in the same way. Sorry?

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